Petzl’s Fall Safety and Protective Climbing Gear

Petzl’s Fall Safety and Protective Climbing Gear

Falls are the most common cause of injuries and deaths on the job, and it’s important for employers to protect their workers at heights and in confined spaces. This requires employers to provide  fall protection gear.

PK Safety is proud to carry  Petzl gear because of its high quality and performance standards. Whether you’re looking for helmets, harnesses, headlamps, or other equipment, we have Petzl products at sale prices to help you access the unaccessible.

The Best Safety Harnesses

The AVAO BOD is one of the most comfortable options available. The BOD CROLL FAST incorporates a rope clamp in the chest that’s comfortable and easy to use. AVAO SIT provides comfort, safety, and convenience.

The VOLT Harness with Seat and LT Harness offer great support and comfort. For added visibility, try the NEWTON EASYFIT HI-VIZ. The Easyfit International or International versions are also a sound investment.

Sturdy Helmets and Accessories

The ALVEO VENT is a lightweight option with vents for air circulation. If you need protection from electrical hazards or molten metal splash, the ALVEO BEST Helmet is a better option. The VERTEX BEST is also unventilated and meets nearly every safety standard for hard hats—and it’s easy to adjust, even while you’re wearing Belay and Rappel Gloves.

As for accessories you can attach to your helmets, a VIZIR Shadow Shaded Protective Face Shield is a durable option that shades and protects your eyes (try the VIZIR Face Shield for unshaded protection suited for jobs with flying particles). Your lighting options from Petzl include the PIXA 1 Wide Beam, PIXA 2 Mixed-Beam, and PIXA 3 Multi-Beam Headlamps for different workplace needs.

Durable Carabiners

The William Triact-Lock is an affordable and lightweight option that features a large opening and pear-shaped design that makes it easier to connect attachments. The D-shaped Aluminum Triact-Lock is a robust model great for descenders and positioning lanyards. For an oval shape, try the OK Triact-Lock or the OXAN.

For the toughest jobs out there, the VULCAN is made of forged steel instead of aluminum.

Strong Lanyards and Pulleys

A PAW Rigging Plate lets you create strong multi-point anchor systems, and the ANNEAU Sewn Webbing Nylon Sling Anchor Strap can create and extend anchor points. Climbers can add connectors instead of tying knots to the RAY.

Manage your lanyards with a Swivel or TWIN pulley system. For a temporary tension lifeline, the GRILLON Temporary Horizontal Lifeline is a sturdy, easy-to-use option. There’s also a GRILLON PLUS Lanyard and four lengths of Adjustable Lanyard for your work positioning needs.

For lanyards combined with energy absorbers, try the Absorbica-Y Tie Back Double Lanyard or the Absorbica-Y International Version.

Reliable Fall Arresters and Ascent and Descent Devices

I’D S Descender is multi-purpose easy to use. Pair it with the Jag System to make pickoffs easy. The I’D Self-Braking Descender is large but lightweight and strong.

ASAP LOCK offers a mobile fall arrester that moves freely along a rope when not falling. Connect it to ASAP’SORBER International Version to keep ropes at a distance.

The GRIGRI 2 Grey Belay and Descent Device improve on the original GRIGRI’s rope and speed control. The Rescucender gives you control in work positioning and ascension.

A PK Safety Petzl Sale

The high standards for performance, ergonomics, comfort, and reliability can be yours thanks to PK Safety. If you’re looking for fall protection and protective climbing gear, you’re in the right place. For a limited time, take 15% off all Petzl fall protection products. If you want to talk to a safety expert about your workplace safety questions, give us a call at 800.829.9580 or send us a message online.

Jan 22nd 2019 PK Safety Team

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