Petzl Aluminum Triact-Lock Carabiner M34A TL AM'D

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A D-Shaped carabiner for rope access gear. Built by the fall protection experts over at Petzl, the Am'D is a strong lightweight connector. The asymmetrical D shape makes it incredibly robust, with a great strength-weight ratio. Ideal for descenders and positioning lanyards. The key lock gate system is available in manual (screw lock) or auto-locking systems (ball-lock, triact lock). We are offering the M34A TL AM'D Triact Lock version as our stock item. Others are available upon request. H profile of the carabiner ensures an improved strength-to-weight ratio. Lightweight (only 75g) and built from aluminum. Key lock System for (snag-free body / gate interface). Three step gate-locking model. CE Certified. Weight (75 g). Made in France

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M34A TL - AM'D Triact-Lock Carabiner

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