From the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet and literally everything in between, PK Safety has the safety clothing that you need to protect yourself indoors and out while you’re hard at work. We’ve been in the worker safety business for over 70 years, and many of us have firsthand experience with the industries we commonly supply. We know the ins and outs of high-quality workwear and that’s functional, comfortable, and stands up to the hardest conditions.


PK Safety proudly carries top choices from the most trusted brands in the business including GRIT, Forge Apparel, Berne Apparel, Saf-tech, PIP, Pyramex, DuPont, NSA, MCR Safety, and more. We have clothing that can protect against worksite hazards including flames, arc flashes, low visibility environments, chemicals, extreme temperatures and more. We’ve personally vetted thousands of PPE and products and can help you no matter what your work is or where you’re doing it. Whether you only need a couple of pieces or entire ensembles for a whole team, we can help you find what you need and get you on and off the job safely.

Click on any of the categories to narrow down your browsing. More specific information about certifications, standards, and other product features can be found on individual product pages. And finally, for more information about any of our products, if you have general worksite questions, or you’re seeking recommendations, PK Safety experts are willing and able to help you out. We can be contacted online or by phone.

What is Safety Dress?

Safety dress, also called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is the equipment someone wears to keep them safe while working. PPE is a broad category that covers everything you could wear from head to toe that could keep you safe on the job. Whether that means high visibility clothing that will make you easily seen even in inclement weather, insulated clothing to protect against extreme temperatures, flame-resistant clothing to help protect against open flames, or any number of other potential job hazards, safety dress exists for a variety of different industries as well as hobbies. From construction workers to DIYers, or EMTs to hunters, we carry safety dress that fits your needs.

What is Protective Clothing?

Protective clothing is clothing specifically designed to keep the wearer safe from particular hazards. It needs to be functional as well as protective and comfortable so workers can get the most out of their gear and stay safe. At best, clothing that gets in the way or isn’t comfortable to wear simply won’t get worn—at worst, the wrong type or wrong fit of clothing could itself be a danger to the wearer. 

When purchasing protective clothing to outfit your team, think about the kind of protection you’ll actually need. The most protective gear won’t necessarily be the best for the job—a thicker glove might protect against more hazards, but it will be more expensive and not as dexterous for jobs like handling small parts. Choose protective clothing that’s appropriate for the jobs that are going to be done while wearing it: functional, comfortable, and certified to the appropriate standards for your industry or application.

What Are Body Protective Clothing Examples?

Body protective clothing is clothing that covers up more of the body. Not all jobs require full-body protection; some only need to protect specific parts of the body, like gloves that protect the hands from cuts or eyewear to protect the eyes from debris or light hazards. For jobs that deal in extreme temperatures, liquids, flames, impact, biohazardous material, radiation, or other dangerous full-body hazards, body protective clothing could be appropriate. Depending on where you work, body protective clothing could include coveralls, hazmat suits, aprons, jackets, and more.

Are Shirts PPE?

Shirts can be PPE—as long as they’re rated to the standards of the job you’re doing. While flame-resistant clothing and the shirts you pick up at the department store might be made of similar fibers, you wouldn’t want to wear that department store shirt in an area with exposed flames. PPE shirts will have specialized qualities you can’t get in a plain old t-shirt: they might be particularly temperature resistant, water resistant, high visibility, moisture-wicking, flame resistant, or all-around more durable. Not only will PPE workwear be tough enough to stand up to the job, but they also need to keep the wearer safe and comfortable while working. After all, you’re not as productive if you’re not comfortable, and a work shirt certified to your job conditions that you can also easily work in is among the best pieces of equipment you can use.