Petzl OXAN Steel Carabiner Triact-Lock M72A TLA

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The Petzl Oxan M72A TLA Carabiner has a triact-lock system and is made of high-strength durable steel, perfect when the situation calls for something just a little bit stronger. Built to be heavy duty, the oval-shaped Oxan overall can take more force than typical aluminum carabiners, particularly important if it slips and the load is shifted to its horizontal axis. Because the M72A TLA features a triact-lock system, it's best used in instances where you need to open and close your carabiner frequently. What's great about this Oxan is that, even though it's heavy duty, you can still operate it with one hand. Like all Petzl carabiners, the Oxan features the Keylock system, meaning the body and gate interface doesn't have a hook that could snag ropes, harness equipment loops, anchors, and number of other hazards.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-strenght steel
  • Symmetrical oval shape
  • Triact-lock system
  • Keylock system for preventing snags
  • Heavy load capacity

Weight: 0.43 lbs.

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