Mechanic Style Safety Gloves

Mechanic Style Safety Gloves

Mechanics often deal with a range of hazards on the job, including potential exposure to hazardous chemicals, slick surfaces, and sharp or rough objects. Each style of gloves listed below has been creatively and purpose built to offer protection to hard working folks. You will note the variety of materials employed to strike that right balance between flexibility, dexterity and protection.


While not specifically called out as cut resistant gloves, this type or style acknowledges that rough duty is all in a day's work. From burrs on a mis-threaded bolt to the sheet metal edge of an HVAC unit, your hands are always under assault. So mechanics tend to wear multi-purpose gloves on the job. These gloves are often made with a combination of spandex, leather, or even tire tread similar to the Rigger Gloves for added protection on the job.

Mechanics are always working with tools and objects of varying sizes, so it’s best to find gloves with an enhanced grip. Gloves with a textured surface are great for working with tools. You won’t have to worry as much about dropping something you need or losing your grip when you need it most. 

You’ll find a wide variety of mechanic style gloves on the PK Safety website. We also sell half-gloves if you need to keep your fingers free while working. If you’re working near sharp objects or blades, use cut resistant gloves for added protection.

Protect your hands with our selection of mechanic style gloves and place your order today!