String-Knit Work Gloves

String-Knit Work Gloves

There are many different types when it comes to work safety gloves, but string-knit gloves tend to be the most comfortable. The knitting process allows for a form-fitting glove that closely mirrors the human hand, offering superior comfort over traditional cut-and-sewn styles. Each glove model we carry is manufactured with a specific combination of features and objectives. From the weight of yarn to the tightness of the weave, a careful balance has been built into the design.


Many styles have a dipped coating over the lightweight string knit shell. These coatings have been a source of innovation, with grip and touch blended with durability. This has made the coated string knit styles our most popular. From the construction site to handling oily parts, from sharp metal edges to intricate electronic assembly, there are purpose-built gloves designed to handle your application.

One area of great interest has been cut protection. Advances in yarn technology have brought levels of cut resistance unheard of with such lightweight and comfortable styles of gloves. A group of these specific styles may also be found on our Cut Resistant Gloves page. This has put extreme cut resistance into job applications like construction where leather dominated until recently. Sharp edges aren’t just found in metal shops or glass installation!

The improved breathability and overall comfort of string knit gloves makes a compelling case when choosing gloves for your workers. These gloves don’t sacrifice safety for comfort. They are made with carefully chosen materials to protect you and your team from everyday accidents, such as cuts, sharp points and edges, dirt, grime, and other potential hazards. They are generally used for everyday applications, such as housework, maintenance, working with certain kinds of machinery, tools, and rough objects like raw wood. 

Our string knit safety gloves traditionally come with a breathable knit wrist to make sure they stay in one place when you’re working in the field. You don’t have to worry about the gloves sliding down or riding up, so you can focus on the task at hand. The fabrics are breathable, helping to keep your hands dry in tough work environments.

We sell most knitted gloves by the dozen and some by the pair on our website. You can find what you need whether you’re working alone at home or supervising a large team. You can also search for gloves by application, such as those meant for cut safety or working with certain pieces of equipment. Browse our selection string knit work gloves to keep your hands safe and dry. As always, the PK Safety product experts are always available to help you find the right safety gear for any job.