Circuit Boards and Displays

Circuit Boards and Displays

Gas detectors contain sophisticated electronic components; sensors, batteries, LCD displays and printed circuit boards, These work in combination to detect and report accurate gas levels.


If the circuit board malfunctions, the gas monitor may fail to turn on or may report inaccurate readings. When this happens under warranty, our Factory Authorized Service Center is able to quickly make a replacement. If out of warranty, it is often better to simply purchase a new monitor, as the circuit boards are relatively expensive.

Replacing the LCD display on a gas monitor is a much more cost-effective option than buying a new monitor outright. It may be that the screen has cracked, perhaps from a severe shock or drop. New gas monitor LCD screens typically costs less than $100, while a new gas monitor can easily put you back several hundred dollars.

We sell a wide variety of gas monitor circuit boards at PK Safety, including BW gas monitor parts and GasAlert MicroClip XL parts. We also sell replacement LCD screens, sensors, and just about anything else you might need to get your gas monitor working again. If you need technical assistance with your gas monitor replacement board, contact the factory trained techs at PK Safety for more information.

If your gas monitor isn’t working properly, be sure to address the issue as quickly as possible to keep your team safe on the job. Keep your costs down and try fixing your gas monitor instead of buying a new one. Shop our selection of gas monitor boards and displays today.

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