Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand sanitizing gel from Coretex contains the active ingredient: SD Alcohol 40-B 62%. This denatured alcohol is widely recognized as an effective antimicrobial because it has strong bactericidal and fungicidal activity. The clear gel is further enhanced by adding Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This helps keep your hands in good shape through repeated applications.


Keeping sanitizing gel around has become quite commonplace. Might be as you enter a workplace or retail store, with the idea of having fresh clean hands, for example after riding mass transit, using a shopping cart, or pressing buttons on an elevator. With our heightened awareness of pathogens, this makes it easy to get disinfected even if the sink and soap aren't handy.

Removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants from your hands is important on the job, even if you can't wash your hands. To quickly get rid of germs and other debris, use individually wrapped hand sanitizer packets. No water is required. Just rip open the packet and squeeze out the gel. Disinfecting your hands is easy and convenient, without having to carry or share a bottle.

Advanced hand sanitizer is made for working professionals like yourself. Hand sanitizer is made just for hands, so avoid using these packets on your face.

We also offer the Coretex Professional Outdoor Skin Protection Kit. It comes with everything you may need in the field, including hand sanitizer wipes, anti-itch wipes, lip balm, bug repellent, sunscreen, and anti-pain wipes. With this kit in tow, you and your team can work with more peace of mind in the field.

Stock up on skin protection supplies and hand sanitizer at PK Safety today. If you have any questions about how and when to use these products, we're here to answer any questions.