Batteries and Chargers

Gas detectors run on batteries, but the batteries don’t last forever. When using a gas monitor with a rechargeable battery, it’s best to keep an eye on the level of charge. If you are out in the field, we even have vehicles adaptors to quickly recharge the battery. Having access to a working, charged gas monitor is crucial when it comes to workplace safety. 

At PK Safety, we sell a wide range of gas monitor parts, including batteries. If your gas monitor fails to hold a charge or you need a replacement battery, you can find everything you need on our website. We sell a wide variety of adapters, batteries, chargers, and charging stations for those that need to charge several monitors at once. We only sell the brand specific, factory OEM parts, that your monitor was born with.

The batteries we sell are usually either Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride. Both are a vast improvement over the old NiCad type. Since the monitors are tested and certified using very specific batteries, there is no option to choose something other than the original equipment part.

If you need more information about replacing your gas monitor battery, contact the factory trained techs at PK Safety for all your charging needs.