Maintaining your gas monitor often involves the replacement of sensors or filters. But when it comes time to replace the outer case, we have you covered there too.


We see customers replace their enclosures for a couple of main reasons. First, the case gets cracked. This can be from a severe drop or being struck by another object. In this case we often see the LCD screen being replaced at the same time. Most have the alligator clip pre-installed as well.
Second is when the case is just too dirty, and can’t be cleaned. The rubberized surface that offers good grip for workers, is also prone to having dirt, grease and oil get ground in. These devices get used in demanding jobs, so some part of this is just going to happen. The use of solvents to clean the case is not recommended, as it will likely have a bad effect on the sensors.

Having a clean, new enclosure on a BW gas monitor lets that brilliant yellow color shine through! 
If you need a gas monitor replacement part, come to PK Safety for all your gas detector maintenance needs. We specialize in all aspects of workplace safety and gas detection, so we’re happy to answer all your questions. Below, you’ll find a range of replacement parts for gas monitors that we support, including enclosures. Come to PK Safety for all your gas detector replacement needs and find the right enclosure for your equipment today.