Ladder Safety Systems

Climbing or descending ladders can be dangerous, no question. Industrial plants and facilities commonly have fixed ladders installed to allow workers access to different levels. While using a ladder may seem easy, almost intuitive, experience shows that they are a regular source of accidents and falls.
Flexible cable ladder safety systems are easily our customers most popular choice. They are both affordable and easy to install. Workers are easily able to attach their fall protection harness to the cable sleeve, and both climb and descend in the normal fashion. A fixed ladder made of steel or aluminum makes an ideal candidate for this type of product.

Ladder safety cable sleeves are the critical connection between the worker’s fall protection harness and the flexible cable attached to the ladder. With the vertical cable providing the path, the cable sleeve rides along, ready to stop a fall almost instantly. In fact, you might not even call it a fall. Just get yourself reoriented, with your hands and feet on the rungs, and be on your way. 

The sleeves are detachable, allowing each one to be used on multiple ladders if desired. High quality materials are used for corrosion resistance and smooth, reliable operation. They attach to the front d-ring of a full-body fall protection harness. Wearing a harness should be second nature when working at heights, and that includes ladder safety. 

A useful accessory is the ladder safety gate. This simple device denies access to unauthorized users. They are difficult to climb past, providing a barrier to liability from trespassing and vandalism.

We also sell flexible access ladders, so you can quickly throw a ladder down to your team as a last resort. 

The professionals at PK Safety are here to help you comply with OSHA’s walking-working rule. Use our fixed ladder safety systems to give yourself more peace of mind when working on elevated surfaces. Browse our selection of ladder safety equipment to find the right solution for your team.