Impact Resistant Gloves

Impact Resistant Gloves

Impact resistant gloves offer hand protection from hard knocks and even lacerations and cuts that can be caused by equipment and objects in motion - swinging, flying, or falling. These anti-impact safety gloves have padded palms and knuckles and extra grip patches that help you avoid the aches and pains caused by the constant pounding of heavy objects. If you need something to withstand and avoid lacerations, try our cut resistant gloves.


PK Safety carries impact resistant safety gloves for nearly any job and some with additional protections for those jobs when you need extra help but not extra gear. Our safety experts can help make recommendations based on your job requirements. If you're looking on your own, you can peruse our blog archive to read more about impact gloves or browse our hand protection selection below. Click on an item to view its listing and learn more about it.

What are impact resistant gloves?

Impact resistant gloves are personal protective equipment designed to protect workers' hands from work situations where impact hazards exist. These hazards commonly exist in the oil and gas, construction, mining, and manufacturing industries but can also be seen in automotive, chemical, and aerospace applications. ANSI/ISEA 138-2019 American National Standard for Performance and Classification for Impact-Resistant Gloves specifies that the hand protection offered needs to protect the knuckles and fingers from impact forces while still allowing workers to perform the tasks at hand. These gloves will have increased protection around the knuckles and fingers, which can be especially vulnerable to breaks when impacted or pinched by heavy objects. They will also have additional protection on the palms, and some styles have extra grip and cut resistance.

Not all impact resistant gloves are well-suited for all jobs, though. Unless a particular glove states that it protects from cold weather, cuts, vibrations, chemicals, or other hazards, it's best to assume that they don't, or at least not to the minimum standards required for your industry. If you need gloves that can protect you from multiple hazards simultaneously, PK Safety's product safety experts can help you find some that are the perfect fit.

What are impact resistant gloves used for?

Impact resistant gloves are used to reduce injuries from high impacts and pinching injuries, especially to the knuckles and the back of the hand. They're usually used in high-impact jobs like mining, automotive, transportation, and similar fields. If you work in a job with hazards like these, the odds are that you'll require impact resistant gloves:

  • Objects that are swinging, moving, flying, or falling
  • Repairs
  • Demolitions
  • Construction sites
  • Rig sites
  • Mobile equipment
  • Heavy material handling or moving
  • Falling or unsecured objects and materials
  • Connections on high-pressure lines that could break free
  • Heavy spinning chains, pipes, or other heavy equipment
  • Improper use of tools that are in poor repair
  • Working in tight spaces or around pinch points

As late as 2008, impact resistant gloves weren't widely available, and workers had to settle for general-purpose gloves. Thanks to an increased awareness of hand injuries on the job and innovations in PPE, that's quickly changed. Your hands are your most valuable tool, so if your line of work poses risks to them, it's worth investing in impact resistant gloves designed specifically for what you do.

Unsure about what glove is best for your workplace? Check out our Glove Safety Guide.