Work Safety Boots & Shoes

When you’re in work situations with dangerous chemicals, biological hazards, debris, or other hazards on the ground, it’s important to watch your step and protect your feet. Wearing safety boots designed for your work, alongside protective clothing like rain gear, FR pants, hazmat suits, and coveralls, is key to staying safe. No matter where you work or what you work with—grounding devices, hazardous waste, slip and fall hazards, sharp objects, or other dangers—the right safety work shoes can keep you on your feet.

Injection molded boots offer exceptional wear and value at a variety of price points. PVC boots, with or without steel toes are an inexpensive way to keep your feet dry and safe from many harsh chemicals. They are especially good for acidic and alkaline cleaning solutions. We also offer polyblend materials as an upgrade, and this type of product adds resistance to some solvents, as well as increased wear life.

The Onguard Hazmat EZ-Fit Safety Boot is a great all-around protection option. Designed to be easy to put on, remove, and wear, with a large kick-off lug, wide top opening, and contoured heel. They’re highly recommended for people who work around a variety of hazards, rated for chemical permeation resistance, other biological and chemical certifications, and decontamination and clean-up work. They’re injection-molded and have a steel toe, shank, and midsole for protection from sharp objects.

PK Safety has over 70 years of worksite safety experience, and we can help you find the equipment that works for you. If you have questions about safety boots or other gear, one of our safety experts can help.