Clean air is essential to worker health and safety, and PK Safety carries an array of respirators and other breathing systems and accessories for your clean air needs. From respirators and dust masks to PAPR and SCBA devices and the accessories that make them easy to use, PK Safety can assist with finding the right breathing protection for your job.


If lead and asbestos are involved, get a removal kit that includes a hazmat suit, gloves, and goggles to go with your asbestos mask. Complete your head and face protection with a reliable helmet or hard hat, and you’re well on your way to staying safe at work.

We only sell brand new respirators, filters, and dust masks made by U.S.-based manufacturers, so you’ll experience high levels of safety from the moment you get your new gear. If you have questions about your worksite or any of the products we carry, our safety experts would be glad to help you out. Information about mask sizes, filter selection, and other product information can be found on individual product pages.

What is the Best Full Face Respirator?

The best full face respirator is one that’s designed to protect against the hazards you’ll face in the workplace. There are respirator helmets that also offer full-face respiratory protection. PK Safety’s experts have personal experience in many industries and we vet the products we carry, and our full face respirators are no exception. One of our most popular respirators is the 3M 6000 series Full Face Respirator, and it’s an excellent choice for a lot of industries.

If convenience is your priority, 3M is a good brand. A real advantage of 3M full face respirator masks is that the filters and cartridges can be found almost anywhere in the country and a lot of places around the globe. If you’re ever in a pinch on the job, odds are that you can find replacement parts nearby.

How Much Does a Full Face Respirator Cost?

Depending on the features and complexity of your full face respirator, you can expect to spend between $100 and $300. Safety is always worth the investment, and full face respirators protect the entire face, not just the mouth and nose, with a safety seal that keeps contaminated air out. They also use disposable cartridges and filters designed for particular hazards rather than get disposed of themselves, making it a somewhat larger upfront cost that’s still worthwhile.

For help pricing out large quantities or particular features in your safety gear, get in touch with PK Safety.

Is an N95 a Full Face Respirator?

N95 masks are not full face respirators. For many jobs, N95 masks are an essential piece of PPE. The N means “not oil resistant,” and the 95 refers to the 95% of 0.3-micron particles that are filtered out of the air. But they do not provide the kind of protection that full face respirators provide.

Full face respirators are required when a hazard can penetrate through and irritate the skin or eyes. Jobs in the chemical industry or those involving clean up or biohazards need the protection that’s provided by full face mask respirators. High VOC moisture cure urethanes, conversion varnish, formaldehyde, asbestos, toxic spores, and blood are examples of substances that require more protection than an N95 mask can offer. If your industry requires a full face mask, pair it with the appropriate cartridges and filters for the hazards you will face.

Are Full Face Respirators Reusable?

They are! Unlike dust masks and disposable respirators, half face and full face respirators can be reused. Today’s full face respirators are sophisticated, but also well-constructed and easy to maintain: there are fewer parts to worry about, those parts are often made from easy-to-maintain materials, the lenses are durable and easy to wipe clean, and they’re designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the industries they’re optimized for.

For the protection of all of our customers, and because it’s so difficult to determine if a respirator or mask has been used or tried on, PK Safety does not accept returns on NIOSH products.