Rescue and Descent Systems Equipment

If your team needs to descend inside of a crawl space, tunnel, or some other type of opening, you’ll need a rescue and descent system to keep your workers from falling. At PK Safety, we sell a range of fall protection equipment and controlled descent safety harnesses and accessories, including rescue tripods, rappelling, or “recall,” gear, pulleys, clips, rescue devices, and self-braking descenders. These products make it easy to lower your employees without putting them at risk. You can also use these systems to rescue your employees if they fall or are trapped inside of a confined space. In the face of an emergency, being prepared with with your training, and the right gear for the job, should mean everyone goes home safe. 

As your safety gear specialists, we sell some of the finest rappelling and descent systems in the world, including those made by DBI-SALA, Petzl safety equipment, and French Creek Production. Our equipment complies with the latest safety requirements and regulations, including those imposed by OHSA. 

Browse our selection of harnesses and rappelling tripods to avoid accidents and injuries in the field. From lowering your employees to rescue systems, or employing a self contained breathing apparatus, we have everything you need to keep your team safe.