Disposable Safety Gloves

You can find a wide variety of disposable safety gloves at PK Safety. These gloves are designed to protect against a range of hazards, including liquids, certain chemicals, oils, and minor injuries. They are commonly used across a number of industries and businesses, including oil and gas, industrial chemical engineering, and those concerned with basic health and hygiene. You can use disposable safety gloves in many different situations, making them an essential part of your business.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently banned powdered gloves, citing evidence that such gloves pose serious risks to patients, including airway and wound inflammation, post-surgical adhesions and allergic reactions. To avoid confusion, this restriction is now shared with the industrial glove market. These are just as effective as powdered gloves without unnecessary health concerns. 
Nitrile gloves are a common choice among industry professionals. While they are disposable, you can wear them more than once. Also, nitrile gloves are a good choice to avoid the danger of latex allergy concerns. This allergic reaction to latex is quite common in the medical field, and so it just makes sense to use caution when providing gloves to your employees.

Disposable safety gloves come in a range of styles, including thicker gloves for dealing with dangerous chemicals and those for burn and cut protection. Some of our disposable gloves feature a rough exterior to give your employees more of a grip on the job. They will be able to handle certain tools and objects with ease. Browse our selection below to find the right disposable safety gloves for your business.