Traffic is a dangerous place to work, so it pays to be cautious. The right equipment can keep you and your team safe and reduce the risk from the traffic itself, the weather, and other worksite conditions. The cones, barricades, caution tape, signs, and bright vests that you see when you drive by a construction site all play a crucial role in avoiding accidents and injuries.


Durable, brightly colored safety flags are used by many people who work on roads, from crossing guards to flagmen. They can even be mounted on top of tripods to inform drivers of work being done and keep your team away from the road’s edge.

When you’re working outside, the weather can be hazardous. Rain can make it difficult to see, especially at night, and it’s also just not comfortable to stand in. PK Safety carries a wide variety of high visibility rain gear to make sure that you’re warm, dry, and seen from long distances by your team and drivers alike. For all other conditions, you can use lightweight, breathable high visibility vests over your regular clothing.

PK Safety is your partner in workplace safety, no matter where you work or what you do. We’ve had decades of safety expertise and on-site experience, and we carry trusted brands like MCR Safety and our own GRIT brand of safety apparel that workers have trusted for years. Contact one of our safety experts for recommendations, advice, and answers to your safety questions.