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Face Shields

Face shields are an important component of any safety PPE program or plan. They are usually clear, offer good vision while working, and are lightweight and flexible. This makes their contribution to protecting the vulnerable face and neck area vital. The thin plastic portion of the face shield can protect from debris and chemical hazards that may come flying at you.

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Honeywell Disposable Face Shield FF0721 (10/box)



Petzl VIZIR and VIZIR Shadow Protective Face Shield A15A_


How do I select a face shield?

Like any piece of PPE, choose your face shield for the task at hand. One of the biggest choices comes down to selecting the correct window, or visor. Some visors are more scratch, impact, or chemical resistant than others, or they have properties like breathability or the ability to attach to hard hats. Visors will usually be made out of different types of lightweight plastic with high visibility, but steel and nylon mesh are also used when impacts from larger objects are a hazard. Analyze your worksite conditions before committing to a face shield.

What are the benefits of wearing a face shield?

When used correctly, face shields offer additional protection against many on-the-job hazards. While they’re not effective for hazards on their own, they work with safety glasses or goggles to provide two layers of protection against debris and other flying hazards that stand less of a chance of reaching your eyes. It also protects the rest of your face from burns, cuts, or other exposure hazards.