If your gas monitor is broken or needs repairs, browse through our selection of gas monitor parts below to find the item you need. In many cases, gas monitors can easily be repaired by swapping out one part for another. Our factory trained techs are available to guide you through choosing the right way to keep your gas detector running smooth.


If your monitor suddenly stops working, you may not need to replace it outright. Instead, let us help you sort out the cause, and perhaps replace individual components that have expired, or those with signs of wear and tear. Replace broken or damaged parts to get your 4-gas personal monitor working again. PK Safety carries gas monitor filtersenclosurescircuit boards, and batteries for your gas detection equipment. 

Industrial gas detectors are tested and certified to meet strict standards. Replacement parts must be made by the original equipment manufacturer to maintain that certification.

There are so many ways to make use of your gas monitor. Whether you’re looking to monitor a battery charging room, keep it close to the breathing zone, or attach it to your jump bag, PK Safety has you covered. Browse through our selection of portable single and multi-gas detector parts 

At PK Safety, we’re passionate about helping you and your team stay safe on the job. In addition to carrying some of the industry’s best and most popular gas monitors, we also sell a wide variety of parts and accessories, so you can make the most of your safety equipment.