Gas Monitors and Detectors

Gas detection is a long-time specialty at PK Safety. We have the factory trained techs on staff at our office. This assures you that we have the background and experience to recommend the right solutions, and back them up over time. 

Instruments have been getting smaller and more reliable. This makes choosing any one particular detector more about finding the right fit, than picking the least bad option. That is where we come in. Listening to and understanding your application, then providing honest feedback. For years we have been selling to and supporting instrument users across the country. Our trained customer service staff picks up the phone when you call, without an impersonal auto greeting.

As with any life safety purchase, the after sale support becomes important long after the product has been delivered. Buying from a company that actually understands both the product and customer can pay dividends apart from the price.

At PK Safety, we sell dozens of high-quality portable 4 Gas Monitor and single gas monitors, so you can protect yourself from a range of hazardous substances and poor air quality. You’ll find some of the biggest and most trusted names in the industry below, including BW Honeywell, RKI, and RAE Systems. Our monitors are both compact and highly dependable, so you don’t have to lug a bunch of heavy equipment around on the job or in confined spaces. Just keep it on your person or attach it to your bag for more peace of mind.

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