First Aid Kits - Truck, Auto, Industrial

First Aid Kits - Truck, Auto, Industrial

At PK Safety, we have a wide selection of first aid kits for you to choose from, including blood-borne pathogen kits, outdoor skin protection kits, health industrial first aid kits, and auto/truck first aid kits. Regardless of what industry you work in or the kinds of threats your team may face in the field, you can find the right first aid kit right here on our website. 

Read more... First aid kits can cost anywhere from under ten dollars to over a hundred dollars. It all depends on what the kit includes and how it will be administered in the field. Most first aid kits include disinfectant wipes, bandages, adhesive tape, a first aid booklet with detailed instructions, burn care ointments, gloves, tweezers, gauge pads, over the counter medications, face shields or disposable breathing masks, absorbent towels, and biohazard bags. 

These kits vary drastically from one industry to the next. To match our customers needs, we offer custom kits, filled and configured to your specifications. Many companies also opt for custom screen printing of the case. This may include a logo, department name or team slogan.

Each kit is designed to keep you and your team safe in the field. If you or one of your employees suffers an injury, you can treat the wound immediately until professional help arrives. 

All safety equipment programs should have first aid kits on site . Browse our selection of first aid kits and keep them on hand for more protection on the job.