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Manhole Pumps and Accessories

A lot of necessary work takes place in manholes, but manholes are also dangerous places to be. Manholes are confined spaces with fall hazards and a significant risk of contamination. To ensure safety and meet site requirements, workers need the proper equipment and other protective measures.

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Garlock Maintenance Hole Fall Prevention System



Confined Space Allegro Deluxe Work Tent 9401


PK Safety has manhole accessories for every stage of your job, from standing on the ground above the job to preparing the space to climbing down into it.

  • Manhole, lid, or grate lifters to create an entrance for workers to use;

  • Fall prevention systems, including guard rails, work tents, safety crosses, and rail winches, to be used as part of a complete fall prevention system and to help keep passersby from having an accident in your work area;

  • Discharge hoses, dewatering pumps, and sludge dewatering pumps for clearing out a space;

  • Confined space ventilation equipment to make the atmosphere in the manhole breathable, and more.

If your safety needs aren’t covered on this page, we likely have something that can help. For instance, gas monitors and respirators are essential to confined space and manhole work. PK Safety not only carries the most trusted brands in those categories as well but is also a Factory Authorized Service Center for BW Honeywell, RAE, and RKI gas monitors. We have factory-trained-certified technicians in-house, offering gas detector calibration service to custom specifications if you need them for your job.

Looking for recommendations? Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? PK Safety’s safety experts can help. Our website will always be available, and you can still contact us online or by phone at 800.829.9580.