Tool Fall Protection

When you and your team are working at elevated heights, there’s always a chance that one of your tools could fall, injuring one of your co-workers below. Getting struck by a falling tool or object can easily cause serious injury, and may even be fatal in some cases. That’s why it’s best to use some sort of tether for tools and other loose objects. This includes safety lanyards, pouches, buckets, bungee cords, tool belts, and bags. You’ll find a range of tool fall protection items below, so you can keep your tools on your person where they belong. 

Tool lanyards keep your tools attached to your person, so they won’t accidentally fall off when you’re working. You can easily pick up the tool when you need to use it without having to put it back in your bag or pocket. This keeps your hands free on the job, helping you to focus on staying safe when you’re working above ground level. Just attach the tool to the tool lanyard to keep it within reach. When working on powerlines, be sure to keep electrical safety in mind by using safety buckets for larger tools, bungee tethers for fast tool retrieval, and adjustable holsters for radios and other safety gear. 

Choosing the right safety tool and fall protection equipment will help your team stay focused on the job. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your tools or injuring one of your colleagues. Browse our selection of fall protection gear for tools to keep your work environment safe.