Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical Resistant Gloves

If your staff works with or near dangerous chemicals, everyone must wear chemical resistant gloves to protect themselves from work-related hand injuries. Many companies use hazardous chemicals for cleaning, manufacturing, and energy purposes. Still, these materials can lead to severe burns and nerve damage if they come into contact with a person’s skin. Chemical resistant gloves are made with special protective materials that won’t absorb or break down when exposed to hazardous chemicals. Chemical resistant safety gloves are also used to protect workers from bodily fluids that can lead to the spread of disease and illness.


PK Safety sells a large selection of chemical resistant safety gloves from industry-leading brands like Ansell, MCR, Showa Best, PIP, and North. Our gloves come in a range of sizes, including XS to XL, to fit a variety of body types and hand sizes. We carry disposable safety gloves and those designed for long-term use, including supported gloves and multi-use work gloves that can be used for a wide range of tasks to keep your workers flexible on the job. Use cut-resistant or general-purpose gloves with extra layers if you are working with or near sharp objects, such as needles. 

We also sell a large selection of other PPE like hoods, coveralls, and face masks that are often worn with chemical resistant gloves. Ensure that everyone on your team has the necessary protection to work with or near these chemicals. 

What should chemical resistant gloves be cleaned with?

Disposable safety gloves should typically be discarded at the end of each shift. Reusable chemical-resistant gloves require thorough cleaning to ensure their safety, even if they haven’t been exposed to hazardous substances. Toxic materials can linger on the glove’s exterior, potentially contaminating the worker or other surfaces in the work environment.

Check the instructions or user manual to find a list of manufacturer-approved cleaning materials. You can disinfect the gloves with a special cleaning wipe or mild detergent. Remove your gloves and wash your hands with soap and warm water. Immerse your gloves in warm water and use a non-metal brush with stiff bristles to remove the debris. Let them soak for up to two minutes before rinsing them off with cool water. Dry them before using them.

How often should chemical resistant gloves be cleaned and sanitized?

Clean and disinfect your chemical resistant gloves at the start and end of every shift to prevent cross contamination. Store this PPE in a dry, room-temperature location when it isn’t in use. 

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