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Petzl is one of PK Safety’s most trusted brands in fall protection, safety gloves, workwear, and safety equipment. The company is built on a foundation of family ownership, industrial excellence, a spirit of innovation, and community engagement, as well as committed to creating safer places, even at heights. Whether you’re doing very technical access or rescue work, tree care, or some other activity that involves being at heights, you need to be secure while still retaining the freedom of movement that lets you perform your best. That’s where Petzl safety harnesses and gear can come in.

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Petzl ARIA 2 Headlamp E070AA00





Fall protection equipment is crucial to preventing death and very serious injuries in the event of an accident. When investing in fall protection equipment, you want to be sure that it will help you perform the work that you need to do, enable you to stay safe when you need it, and be comfortable to use. Although you should take every precaution to avoid using it, your fall protection equipment can only save you from one fall before it needs to be replaced: make sure that you get everything out of your gear that you can before replacing it by choosing excellent PPE from Petzl.

Petzl harnesses are the standard in efficiency and safety for workers at height. They’re simple to use, comfortable, and suited for the work they’re designed for. Some jobs need the excellent support of full body harnesses, some require seat harnesses, and many jobs at heights require your other tools and gear to be readily accessible. 

The Petzl AVAO BOD full body harness, for instance, offers a comfortable fit with great support and breathability at heights. It has storage for everything from lanyard connectors to tools. Self-locking buckles at the rear of the harness and between the waist belt and leg loops allows for easier adjustment, and multiple attachment points mean even more convenience. It’s a great piece of equipment for fall arrest, work positioning, and suspension harness work. The Petzl VOLT LT is comparable in terms of excellent support, versatility, features, and ease of use and has an X-shaped design to reduce stress at pressure points—essential if you’re going to be in the harness for a while. 

Fall protection isn’t just harnesses, and that’s not all that Petzl or PK Safety have to offer, either. Helmets and hard hats are crucial for protecting your head if you fall too far or swing into something on the way down. Adding a headlamp gives you hands-free lighting for greater visibility in the dark. Fall protection harnesses need to be attached to strong, secure rope that can withstand work conditions and remain strong enough to protect you in the event of a fall. Energy absorbers, locks, brakes, and fall arresters are also crucial parts of a complete fall arrest system, and if you need work positioning capabilities, Petzl makes durable lanyards that are a great complement to a fall protection system. Rigging plates are useful for worksites that have to keep multiple fall arrest systems properly organized, and carabiners are always useful for any job involving lines that need to be anchored. All of these options are available to help outfit yourself or your team. Other additions like hi-vis vests and duffel bags can round out your Petzl gear. If you need to work or play at heights or in the dark, Petzl and PK Safety can get you outfitted for safety.

Information about individual Petzl harnesses, fall arrest systems, and accessories can be found on their pages. For all other safety and product information, a PK Safety expert can help answer any questions you might have.