Mold Remediation - 3M, Moldex, Dupont & Allegro

You’ll need to wear safety gear when treating infected areas to prevent exposure. We generally recommend Tyvek suits, full face respirators and gloves. A second option to protect your eyes and lungs is to use a half mask and tight fitting goggles. Mold spores getting in your eyes can be a real problem.

Ideally, the first step is to remove infected materials from the area. This is not always possible, so you may have to treat some elements in place.

Household cleaning supplies like Windex aren’t the best choice when it comes to mold remediation. It’s best to use bleach at a minimum, advancing to specially treated chemicals as warranted, when removing mold spores. If mold is spreading in the insulation of your home or building, you’ll need to remove all affected areas, especially wet insulation. Then use a wire brush to remove loose mold spores. You can then treat the area with chemicals, let it dry, and use charcoal to absorb any additional moisture. 

We sell a range of safety related mold remediation equipment, including the Mold Remediation Safety kits, N95 dust masks, and, confined space blowers for moving clean air into the infected area. As a professional, you can use this equipment to quickly and safely remove mold from your work area.