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From 1 To 4: Chevron Switching To 4-Gas Monitors
Apr 18th 2017

From 1 To 4: Chevron Switching To 4-Gas Monitors

We have heard from a couple of our top sales reps in the gas monitor industry that Chevron refineries are moving forward requiring the use of 4-gas monitors in their process units instead of the old requirement of just single H2S gas monitors. This is a big shift for contractors and the oil giant’s in-house team to switch from using single-gas to 4-gas monitors. This change is slated for o … read more
How Lower Gas Prices Influence Occupational Safety in Oil and Gas Industry
Jan 9th 2017

How Lower Gas Prices Influence Occupational Safety in Oil and Gas Industry

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average retail price of regular gasoline in the US was $2.24/gallon on August 29, 2016, (the lowest price on Monday before Labor Day since 2004). In spite of the fact that gasoline consumption has been robust in such countries as India, China, and the U.S.A., growth in supply has been steadily outpacing consumption start … read more
May 26th 2014

Oil Rig Hand Injuries

The bubbling crude needs more to get it out of the ground than a shotgun these days. (If you don't get this reference, you obviously didn't watch The Beverly Hillbillies as a kid.) Heavy equipment and worker injuries seem to go hand in hand (pardon the pun). Hand injuries make up nearly 50% of incidents in the oil & gas industry. More than any other body part, injured hands and fingers create l … read more
Apr 7th 2014

Oil & Gas Facilities Moving Toward Multi-Gas Monitors

As oil and gas production continues to expand in the United States and other countries, many companies are seeing the benefit of personal gas monitors that check for more than just hydrogen sulfide. Refineries, processing plants, pipelines, storage farms, and offshore platforms all use or create a wide range of toxic gases and dangerous atmospheres. While single gas monitors like the BW Clip … read more
Mar 24th 2014

Oilfield Safety Equipment: PPE for Oil and Gas Production Workers

With oil production continuing to expand in areas like Midland, Texas and The Bakken, OSHA regulators haven't been far behind. It's not just drillers and chainhands that fall under the protection guidlines, but toolhands and other contractors who need to be fully equipped to deal with the health hazards associated with oil and gas extraction. We're going to take this space to discuss the person … read more
Dec 5th 2012

Buying Gas Monitors in Bulk - What you Need to Know

If you are tasked with buying your company's gas monitors, and you need a whole lot of them, give us a call. Because we are one of the largest distributors of gas monitors in America, we can provide a great price for your bulk buy. Selling gas detectors is a big part of what we do here at PK Safety Supply. We have factory-trained experts on staff and 40 years of experience in selling a … read more