Oilfield Safety Equipment: PPE for Oil and Gas Production Workers

Oilfield Safety Equipment: PPE for Oil and Gas Production Workers

With oil production continuing to expand in areas like Midland, Texas and The Bakken, OSHA regulators haven't been far behind. It's not just drillers and chainhands that fall under the protection guidlines, but toolhands and other contractors who need to be fully equipped to deal with the health hazards associated with oil and gas extraction. We're going to take this space to discuss the personal protective equipment (PPE) that takes care of the OSHA requirements.

In addition to those working in production, OSHA requires the technicians and service industry workers who operate on or near the oil rig locations to wear flame-resistant clothing, steel-toe boots, hard hats, and safety glasses at all times as well. These workers also must be equipped with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas monitors and go through special safety training. The monitors detect dangerous H2S gas levels, and the oil companies require them to be worn by all workers on oil drilling sites to be in compliance with the strict rules in these areas.

Reliable, disposable H2S monitors like the BW Clip H2S Monitor are getting smaller and less expensive every year. If your employees are still burning through them because of impact damage, consider getting simple, but effective Concussion-Proof Boots for your detectors.

Hard hats are an obvious bit of PPE many folks are required to wear. On-site stores may have some options, but the prices won't be good, and you do have other options. PIP Industrial has a line of Vented Full Brim or Vented Regular Brim hard hats that help to keep the heat down while still maintaining head protection that's up to OSHA standards.

Shoes aren't our strong suit, unless you're talking about Steel Toe PVC Boots. But there are so many toe-busters on a rig, you'd be crazy not to wear them even if it weren't a requirement.

Finally for those leaving the ground, Safety Harnesses are mandatory. Delta harnesses have task-specific harness attachments for those working on the monkey boards and other specific jobs. All brands of harnesses are starting to take coating and dirt and oil resistance more seriously.

If you have questions about PPE for oil and gas production, don't hesitate to give us a call or contact us online at PK Safety.

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Mar 24th 2014 Justin McCarter

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