Oil & Gas Facilities Moving Toward Multi-Gas Monitors

Oil & Gas Facilities Moving Toward Multi-Gas Monitors

As oil and gas production continues to expand in the United States and other countries, many companies are seeing the benefit of personal gas monitors that check for more than just hydrogen sulfide. Refineries, processing plants, pipelines, storage farms, and offshore platforms all use or create a wide range of toxic gases and dangerous atmospheres. While single gas monitors like the BW Clip 3-Year Detector H2S are ubiquitous, they aren't capable of warning workers of all the changing conditions that can quickly affect their health.

Non-toxic gases are capable of pooling in confined areas like sheds and tanks to displace critical oxygen. Single gas H2S monitors, while they will certainly alert workers to some dangerous atmospheres, are not equipped to warn of explosive gases like methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, or other hazards. To be properly equipped, many companies are turning to personal 4-gas monitors so their workers have greater protection against the wide range of dangers they might face.

Large crews require multiple monitors, and the hassle of bump testing, calibrating, and logging the data from each monitor increases exponentially as their number increases. Or at least it feels that way. Luckily the companies that have produced these life-savers have also produced their corresponding time-savers.

Here's is the list of monitors and their accessories from the leading gas detection company, BW Honeywell.

BW Honeywell: MicroClip XL Cal Gas Regulator MicroDock II Calibration Station

We see companies moving toward the 4-gas monitors sooner than later as they clearly provide increased protection for workers. The old saying that ignorance is bliss simply doesn't apply to gas detection. If you have specific questions about gas detection in oil and gas facilities, please don't hesitate to call 1-800-829-9580.

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Apr 7th 2014 Justin McCarter

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