Buying Gas Monitors in Bulk - What you Need to Know

Buying Gas Monitors in Bulk - What you Need to Know

If you are tasked with buying your company's gas monitors, and you need a whole lot of them, give us a call. Because we are one of the largest distributors of gas monitors in America, we can provide a great price for your bulk buy.

Selling gas detectors is a big part of what we do here at PK Safety Supply. We have factory-trained experts on staff and 40 years of experience in selling and maintaining these devices. And we can get you an even better deal than our regular prices when you buy in bulk. We also have calibration gas and replacement sensors available.

Modern portable gas monitors are amazing devices. When we started selling them in the mid '70s they had to be calibrated all the time. Sometimes several times a day. These days gas monitors like the BW Honeywell Clip H2S Monitor can operate maintenance-free for two years. Three year models are also available if you want to special-order.

Gas detectors that don't need a bunch of maintenance are great for the team in the field. But it does mean that every two or three years, somebody needs to shop for new monitors. At PK Safety we have several large municipalities, oil and petroleum companies, and pharmaceutical firms who rely on our expertise and speedy service. If you need to buy 10 gas monitors or 10,000, chances are we can get you the best price while still offering the great service and maintenance options you need.

Just because we are an internet company doesn't mean we can't make house calls. Depending on your location, we are available to do training or we may be able to get a factory rep to come show your employees how the devices work. If you have maintenance issues, we've got factory-certified techies on staff. Just ship the devices to us, and we'll diagnose, call for your ok, then fix them or replace them - whichever you decide - and get them back out to you quickly.

If you need to buy multiple gas monitors, contact us.

Dec 5th 2012 Justin McCarter

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