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Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE
Jan 23rd 2017

Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE

Today we invite you to take a closer look at what makes 3M DBI-SALA┬« Fall Protection products a great choice for all your fall safety needs. Fall safety includes any situation where you or your workers are in danger of death or injury in the event of losing your balance or grip while on the job. This includes climbing a ladder, pole or conducting a roof inspection, to doing suspended platform w … read more
Oct 2nd 2015

How to Find the Best Confined Space Entry Kit for Your Team

Confined space entry is a complicated business. But buying the tools you need to perform regular, compliant entry of a permit-required confined space (PRCS) doesn't have to be difficult. We've been in business longer than the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been around, and it's our business to know exactly what you need to be compliant with their most current regulatio … read more
Sep 25th 2015

Topside Continuous Monitoring Device for Confined Space

When making a confined space entry, experienced teams know how important it is to have a reliable topside monitor. It's a critical part of both pre-entry and an "active-passive" monitoring procedure during entry. Confined space entry teams that value reliability often turn to RKI Instruments for their high-quality gas monitoring devices. RKI produces the GX-2012 which is an acti … read more
Setting Up Your Confined Space Entry Tripod
Aug 14th 2015

Setting Up Your Confined Space Entry Tripod

Setting up a tripod can be a pain in the neck so it's gratifying to use a product like the  French Creek 7' Tripod and 50' 3-Way Rescue Unit and Winch. It was made to withstand 5,000 lbs. of vertical load, yet is lightweight and portable, offering quick and easy single-person setup. Confined space entry is tricky enough with all the gear and the lifelines and the harnes … read more
Apr 17th 2015

Tripods: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Confined space entry requires a method of extraction for the entrant if they become incapacitated. Often this requirement is met by erecting a tripod over the entry point. At we offer two types of tripods, and people generally choose one or the other depending on how often they will be using them. The less expensive model is the AK105A 8 ft. tripod. It's … read more
Feb 25th 2015

What's The Best Confined Space Entry Tripod?

There are plenty of companies out there who only do the occasional confined space entry. Their definition of the best tripod will likely be very different from a company, utility, or facility that uses their tripod on a daily or weekly basis. For the first type of buyer, they likely just want something that meets OSHA requirements. They want something they know is going to be safe, and they are … read more
Jan 9th 2015

Pieces of the Confined Space Entry Puzzle

Nearly every type of industrial site has confined spaces - manholes with plumbing, or sheds that house pumps or generators.  These are areas where the atmosphere may become toxic or oxygen-depleted and unsafe for entry.  If you or your crew don't do much work in these areas you may not be aware of the dangers or the regulations surrounding them. Here are a few things … read more
May 13th 2013

Continuous Gas Monitoring: Using a Gas Monitor in Continuous Operation Mode

Some jobs require continuous gas monitoring of a space over time. Monitors like the Eagle 2 from RKI Instruments are designed to be used in this way, they are not permanent gas monitors, and should only be used in the continuous operation mode infrequently for short-term monitoring events. With the Eagle 2, the wall switch has a continuous operation switch for this type of operation. When us … read more
Apr 24th 2013

The GX-2012 Topside Gas Monitor Seen in the Wild!

We just wrote about what a great continuous topside monitor the RKI GX-2012 is. Apparently the word is already on the street. This photo was taken in downtown San Francisco recently. And while all we can guess from this photo is that there may be some vacuuming going on down in that confined space, we are heartened to see they are using not only the reliable RKI Instruments GX-2012, but they are a … read more
Mar 20th 2013

Contractor's Confined Space Entry Kit and OSHA Compliance

There are lots of companies out there that do occasional confined space entry work. OSHA requirements for employee safety stay the same whether workers enter these potentially hazardous confined spaces once a year or one thousand times. We've heard from customers over the years that want a kit for confined space entry that won't break the bank or make them invest heavily in equipment. That's wh … read more
Feb 18th 2013

Why 911 Shouldn't Be Your Confined Space Rescue Solution

Confined space entry programs are developed in an attempt to account for any eventuality that may arise from performing work in the potentially life-threatening confined work areas we collectively call "confined spaces". The government work safety oversight body, OSHA, has extensive requirements for companies conducting this type of work. Yet every year, dozens of workers are killed in these … read more
Dec 14th 2010

What Does DBI Stand for?

Here is another question I recently received. I thought it might interest my readers: What does DBI stand for? DBI stands for Duncan & Buck Industries. Their story, however, does not end there. After their name was shortened to DBI, their company was bought by BH SALA from Sweden. They then became DBI-SALA. This company was then bought by the corporation Capital Safety, who i … read more