Topside Continuous Monitoring Device for Confined Space

Topside Continuous Monitoring Device for Confined Space

When making a confined space entry, experienced teams know how important it is to have a reliable topside monitor. It's a critical part of both pre-entry and an "active-passive" monitoring procedure during entry.

Confined space entry teams that value reliability often turn to RKI Instruments for their high-quality gas monitoring devices. RKI produces the GX-2012 which is an active, pumped 4-gas monitor with sensors to detect Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), combustible gases (LEL), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Oxygen (O2). The strong internal pump of the GX-2012 can pull samples from up to 50 ft. away. This makes it an ideal topside monitor that can be run continually while a team is deployed doing water treatment facility work, work in sewers, silos, or other potentially hazardous locations.

For the confined space entrants, a diffusion monitor is part of any comprehensive safety program. While the topside monitor can confirm the initial entry conditions are acceptable, winding or compartmentalized structures may contain micro-atmospheres that won't be picked up until the worker comes in contact with the gas.

RKI Industries also makes a top-rated 4-gas diffusion monitor, the GX-2009. The GX-2009 makes an ideal passive component to your "active-passive" gas detection program because it's so small and so light. Workers aren't encumbered with a bulky detection device while trying to complete their tasks. And like the GX-2012, it's a monitor that will lower the overall cost of ownership because of its reliability and durability over time.

If it's time to make an investment in confined space gas detection equipment, check out out the GX-2012 at or contact us online to answer any additional questions. If you are interested in the GX-2009 4-gas diffusion monitor, take a look at our GX-2009 video.

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