Contractor's Confined Space Entry Kit and OSHA Compliance

Contractor's Confined Space Entry Kit and OSHA Compliance

There are lots of companies out there that do occasional confined space entry work. OSHA requirements for employee safety stay the same whether workers enter these potentially hazardous confined spaces once a year or one thousand times. We've heard from customers over the years that want a kit for confined space entry that won't break the bank or make them invest heavily in equipment. That's why we developed the Confined Space Entry Contractor's Kit.

This kit has all the required equipment for OSHA-compliant confined space entry. If you were performing these tasks every day, you might invest in a more robust kit. But for companies that perform only infrequent work in areas with impeded access or the potential to contain hazardous atmospheres, the items in this kit are going to work perfectly and at a great price.

The first item is a BW MAX XT II 4-Gas Monitor with an internal sample draw pump. It's one of our best sellers for confined space entry. The motorized internal pump allows a hose to be inserted or lowered into the potential work space so that air can be drawn and sampled before workers enter. This highly accurate monitor is quite simple to operate and has just two buttons. It's rated IP-65 for outstanding resistance to both water and dirt, so it can be used in rugged work environments without fear of having it short out on you.

The Protecta AB17530 harness is highly adjustable to fit a wide range of worker body types from Medium to X-Large in size. Is it the most comfortable harness we sell? No. But you're not going to be working in it all day, every day. It meets all relevant OSHA and ANSI fall safety standards and it will allow you to get in and get your work done. If there is a problem, this harness is suitable for employee extraction. A single dorsal D-ring on the back is the attachment point for the winch cable.

The kit comes with other vitally important components for working in confined spaces. The Allegro 8 in. Confined Space Blower comes with 25 ft. of ducting to bring clean air into the space and force out any bad air that may have accumulated. The 8 ft. aluminum Protecta AK105A tripod allows you to set up an anchorage point that meets OSHA standards, but more importantly will allow outside attendants to extricate an incapacitated worker. Once deployed, the tripod has a diameter of 86 in. between the legs.

Entering confined space is serious business. It's perhaps even more important for companies that don't do this work often to not only have the correct equipment, but also to understand why each piece is used. And while it may seem like the OSHA regulations have been put in place to make things more difficult, the reality is the standards were developed because of the specific hazards that have killed or harmed workers in the past.

If you have questions about how to deploy the devices in the Contractor's Confined Space Kit, please give us a call at 800-829-9580 or contact us online at

Mar 20th 2013 Justin McCarter

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