Setting Up Your Confined Space Entry Tripod

Setting Up Your Confined Space Entry Tripod

Setting up a tripod can be a pain in the neck so it's gratifying to use a product like the  French Creek 7' Tripod and 50' 3-Way Rescue Unit and Winch. It was made to withstand 5,000 lbs. of vertical load, yet is lightweight and portable, offering quick and easy single-person setup.

Confined space entry is tricky enough with all the gear and the lifelines and the harness pinching you in places that you really don't want to be pinched. So it's helpful to have equipment that works like it's supposed to. Once you've extended the legs, make sure to hook up the chain. Too many hotshots skip this step or leave it loose or coiled out of the way.

The safety chain runs through each tripod foot and is essential in creating a system with sufficient vertical strength to withstand a sudden fall and jerk on the system. With the chain in place and properly deployed the Miller tripod can withstand an incredible vertical pull - up to 5,000 pounds minimum. Without the chain, I wouldn't like to know what it could handle. I'm not getting any thinner.

Each foot of the 7 ft. Miller Tripod has a rubber skid pad so the whole system doesn't slip and slide if placed on a slick surface. Sometimes your confined space will have a perfectly acceptable level concrete or asphalt slab around the entry point. Sometimes you just don't have that luxury. The Miller tripod is going to give you sufficient adjustment options to get your entry system set up for the majority of mostly-level ground entry points.

Because it's made of aluminum, it's not a giant cumbersome back ache waiting to happen. Total weight for the Miller tripod is only 42 lbs. It's light enough that you can put it up on your shoulder and carry it across the job site if you need to. Hopefully you've got a couple other guys to carry the SRL and your ventilation blower. Actually, if you have the chance, pick the blower to carry. It only weighs 38 lbs. and it's better to be smart than strong sometimes.

If you have questions about the Frenchcreek tripod or confined space entry system accessories please feel encouraged to contact us through live chat online at or call us at 1-800-829-9580 Monday through Friday 7 am till 5pm PST.


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