Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE

Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE

Today we invite you to take a closer look at what makes 3M DBI-SALA® Fall Protection products a great choice for all your fall safety needs. Fall safety includes any situation where you or your workers are in danger of death or injury in the event of losing your balance or grip while on the job. This includes climbing a ladder, pole or conducting a roof inspection, to doing suspended platform work, or being lowered into or entering a confined space.

DBI-SALA folks are masters of building tripods, winches, and harnesses. Tripods are used to provide anchorage during confined space entry, a rescue, as well as positioning, fall arrest, and material handling support. DBI-SALA aluminum tripods are lightweight and easy to set up. Their winches that are durable and robust, and their harnesses will keep you safe in conjunction with the other equipment. Virtually all DBI-SALA products include i-SAFE™ functionality. The RFID tracking software allows you to track safety equipment and manage your safety inspection program on any asset or fall protection products with i-Safe™ tags.

Tripods work well for lowering workers into confined spaces and also for retrieval. For most confined space entry teams, we recommend the  DBI-SALA 7 ft. Confined Space Tripod and Winch Combo that meets all applicable OSHA standards. The benefits of using a complete system are obvious: you have all-you-need devices guaranteed to be compatible with each other. The components included in this popular unit are extremely efficient. For instance, the rated working load of this combo is 350 pounds for work support (raising or lowering equipment) and 310 pounds for fall arrest. Let’s review some key features of the combo’s components.

The 7' Aluminum Retrieval Tripod


The 7 ft. Aluminum Retrieval Tripod is lightweight, portable, can be easily set up by one worker and transported from one location to another very easily.

The Salalift II Retrieval Winch


The Salalift II Retrieval Winch has a feature that is very unique to this product is that this tripod has rollers at the top. This setup allows the winch to come up through one roller, through the next roller and down which ensures an easy descent in a going down scenario. A simple flip of a switch quickly returns the winch back into a retrieval mode. This is a tremendously convenient feature. Most of other tripods use the hanging bits.

Why DBI-SALA harnesses?

You can always depend on DBI-SALA harnesses to save your life. You just have to choose the right one for your application. Their advantage is that they are thoroughly engineered for a specific type of operation, and meet all OSHA and ANSI standards, including the stringent ANSI Z359.1. When you look for a harness, first of all, you are looking for the highest quality of the following parameters: dorsal connection, webbing, adjustment points, leg straps, pelvic support, stitching, padding, seat slings, impact indicators, and lanyard keepers. DBI SALA has the products and expertise to help you stay completely safe and comfortable.

Top 6 Harnesses - Choose the Best One for Your Application:

Tower Climbers Harness

ExoFit Tower Climbing Harness

1. Are you a tower climber? The ExoFit Tower Climbing Harness will be best for you if you are working on a cell, radio, water, and many other types of towers or antennas. It features front and back D-rings, belt with a back pad and side D-rings, removable seat sling with positioning D-rings, quick-connect buckles. Seat sling features cushioned padding for the ultimate comfort and performance. Back D-ring is perfect for connection to fall protection system and front D-ring is ideal for use with a ladder safety system. We strongly encourage you to use a 100% tie-off lanyard when in tower climbing scenarios.

Wind Energy Harness

ExoFit Wind Energy Harness

2. The Wind Energy ExoFit Harness is designed for anyone building, maintaining or transporting wind turbines and similar equipment. It has a sewn-in reinforced lumbar support to ease the strain on your back and hips and all D-rings are PVC-coated to prevent scratches to the nacelle and other sensitive surfaces.

Iron Worker Harness

Delta Iron Worker Pass-Thru Leg Harness

3. Check out the ExoFit Iron Workers Harness with an excellent tool-carrying capability. Extra tough tubular web encases sub-pelvic webbing for added wear resistance for straddling beams.

DBI-SALA Construction Style Vest Harness with Tool Bags

DBI-SALA Construction Style Vest Harness with Tool Bags

4. Construction harnesses are made for general construction work, and have a sewn-in hip pad and removable body belt. This harness and tool bag combo provides space for tools, comfort, and fall safety in one.

Delta Oil and Gas Harness
Delta Oil and Gas Harness

5. Delta Oil and Gas Harness harnesses are designed specifically for workers who operate the monkey and tubing boards on oil rigs. A seat sling is built into the harness, which provides comfort while positioning for the next drilling pipe.

Arc Flash Harness
DBI-SALA ExoFit XP Arc Flash Harness

6. Don’t forget about the Delta Arc Flash Harness! This model is equipped with webbing attachment loops instead of metal, which makes it perfect for use in any industry where high voltage electricity is a concern. The harness is made with cut- and abrasion-resistant Nomex® and Kevlar® materials to make it highly resistant to heat - up to 40 cal/cm2. This piece of equipment meets ASTM F887-05 Standard specification for personal climbing equipment.

Despite special emphasis from OSHA, falls from heights remain a serious occupational safety challenge. The main reason: not using fall protection equipment. Don't wait for a fall to occur before taking action to update your fall protection equipment.

If you have questions or need help finding fall protection solutions, please feel free to call us at 800-829-9580, or visit us online at

Jan 23rd 2017 Mila Adamovica

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