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Miller Fall Protection: Providing Safety at Great Heights
Nov 3rd 2016

Miller Fall Protection: Providing Safety at Great Heights

Workplace safety is critical for your business success. The number one cause of major workplace injuries and fatalities are falls from heights while working on ladders and roofs. Most falls can be prevented and lives can be saved with proper planning, personal protective equipment (PPE), and training that allows workers to understand the correct set-up and use of the protective equipment. Take … read more
Introducing SKYSAFE PRO FLEX Energy-Absorbing Lanyard
Jul 6th 2016

Introducing SKYSAFE PRO FLEX Energy-Absorbing Lanyard

By Mark Conover, Sales Manager, SKYLOTEC SKYLOTEC introduces the SKYSAFE PRO FLEX Energy-Absorbing Lanyard series. These lanyards are designed to provide protection in 6 AND 12 foot free fall in a single lanyard. Other manufacturers require you to have two lanyards, one for each free fall distance. SKYLOTEC’s SKYSAFE PRO can save you time and money. If you ever tie-off below you … read more
What is the Best Harness for Tower Climbing?
Jun 24th 2016

What is the Best Harness for Tower Climbing?

By Mark Conover, Sales Manager, SKYLOTEC SKYLOTEC presents the TOWER PRO AL as an innovative design in tower climbing harnesses with outstanding features that provide the climber fit, form, and function through technology. The FORMOTION comfort climbing design allows for optimal freedom of movement. Lightweight, breathable padding, aluminum alloy D-rings and click buckles make this harnes … read more
Feb 2nd 2015

Which Are The Best Tower Climbing Harnesses?

Your  harness is a pillar of your fall protection equipment. Picking the right one depends on the type of work you do, how often you do it, and what your budget can afford. Here are our picks for the best harnesses for tower climbers looking at cost, comfort, adjustment, and weight. The king of the tower climbing harnesses is still the DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX for Tower Climbi … read more
Oct 21st 2013

The Best Harness for Tower Climbers

There is an old joke among climbers that industry standards for harnesses require them to be as uncomfortable as possible. That certainly may have been the case a few years back. Fall safety standards had companies scrambling to produce harnesses that would shield workers from fall forces, but rarely did they take movement and comfort into account. Today the same companies that have been combin … read more
Oct 22nd 2012

Skylotec Offers Technologically Advanced Rope Access Equipment

Skylotec is a company whose products you will soon see on the pages of PK Safety. Becoming known world-wide, Skylotec produces work and sport climbing equipment of the very highest quality. Their climbing gear is well-known among serious climbers and at height workers in Europe. Their harnesses, ropes, carabiners, descenders, and anchoring devices are innovative and compliant with OSHA and A … read more
Mar 14th 2012

Looking Back at NATE

Last month Kelly, our store manager from, and I had the pleasure to attend the annual NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) conference in San Antonio, TX. In addition to meeting a bunch of great people, we learned a lot about the tower industry. Kelly is here today to tell you a little bit more about what we learned.  NATE Annual Conference & Exp … read more