Miller Fall Protection: Providing Safety at Great Heights

Miller Fall Protection: Providing Safety at Great Heights

Workplace safety is critical for your business success. The number one cause of major workplace injuries and fatalities are falls from heights while working on ladders and roofs. Most falls can be prevented and lives can be saved with proper planning, personal protective equipment (PPE), and training that allows workers to understand the correct set-up and use of the protective equipment. Take a pragmatic approach when considering precautions for working at heights, and weigh in all the factors that might disrupt safety. These factors include the duration and the frequency of the task, the height and the condition of the surface being worked on, the weather and the location of the job site. It is a good idea to reinforce these efforts by the extensive training of your employees on the safe use of the equipment they will need in order to complete the job: scaffolds, ladders, fall protection systems, etc. It is important that work equipment is assembled and installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and is in line with the industry guidelines. If the equipment is exposed to any conditions that may cause deterioration, it should be inspected at appropriate intervals. An employer should ensure that before use, the PPE has been inspected by a competent person who has all the required knowledge, skills and experience to manage onsite safety.

Providing a healthy work environment for your employees is required by OSHA. OSHA made numerous materials and resources available for employers to use during safety talks and training on safe practices to avoid falls.

Why Should You Choose Miller Harnesses for Tower Climbing?

Miller Fall Protection offers a wide variety of fall protection devices that include harnesses, SRLs, lanyards, and ladder climbing systems to keep you protected when your feet are off the ground. Striking a balance between comfort and safety is a challenge. Miller harnesses meet strict OSHA and ANSI fall safety requirements and standards with the advantage of being much lighter than their competitors’ harnesses, which ensures better mobility and comfort.

Here are the best harnesses picked by our tower climbing safety experts:

1. Miller AirCore Tower Climbing Harness With Steel Hardware ACT-QCUG

Miller AirCore ACT-QCBUG tower climbing harness

The AirCore Tower Climbing Harness is designed for construction and utility industries and features front and side D-rings, removable belt, and tongue buckle leg straps in addition to AirCore's famous breathable padding, and quick-connect chest strap. It’s lightweight (total weight is 6.6 lbs.), and easily visible with bright green coloring.

2. Miller AirCore Tower Climbing Harness With a Bos’n Chair ACT-QCBCUG

Miller AirCore ACT-QCBCUG tower climbing harness

The lightweight Miller AirCore Tower Climbing Harness with Bos’n Chair provides ultimate performance, comfort, and durability in the most challenging work environments. In addition to its breathable padding, this version features a removable/adjustable leather rigid work seat for added support, side D-rings, removable belt, and quick-connect chest and leg strap buckles.

If you want to take your tower climbing experience to the next safety level, accessories such as the Bos’n Chair, Tool Loops, and a Spreader Bar Hook should be on your buying list.

Here is our selection of the best fall protection accessories:

1. Bos’n Chair With Steel Side D-Ring ACT-BC

Bos'n Chair

The Miller AirCore ACT-BC Bos’n Chair with Steel Side D-Rings provides versatile convenience for climbers. This leather attachment is removable and adjustable for added support. Key features are steel side D-Rings, rigid work seat for added support, removable and adjustable support attachment, comfortable and lightweight design, and leather construction.

2. Miller Tool Loops ACTL10

Tool Loops

The Miller AirCore ACTL10 tool loops are engineered to conveniently carry your tools while climbing and are designed to stay in position when disconnected, even when tools are attached.

3. Miller Spreader Bar Hook 6758WRS/18INGN

Miller Spreader Bar Hook 6758WRS/18INGN

The Spreader Bar Hook is an accessory for the AirCore Tower Climbing Harness that is attached to an 18-in. web lanyard with a locking rebar hook. Key features include a unique design which allows for staying in position and connectors with 3,600 lb. gate strength.

All the above-mentioned harnesses and accessories are designed for workers who are climbing towers (cell phone, TV, radio, and utility), building/decommissioning towers, changing out transmission lines/antennas, and installing/replacing lights. Possible applications include various maintenance industries, utilities, and construction.

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Nov 3rd 2016 Mila Adamovica

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