Which Are The Best Tower Climbing Harnesses?

Which Are The Best Tower Climbing Harnesses?

Your  harness is a pillar of your fall protection equipment. Picking the right one depends on the type of work you do, how often you do it, and what your budget can afford. Here are our picks for the best harnesses for tower climbers looking at cost, comfort, adjustment, and weight.

The king of the tower climbing harnesses is still the DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX for Tower Climbing. This very comfortable tower harness has a spring-loaded dorsal D-ring and a range of other smart adjustment features that make getting a perfect fit simple and quick. At 9.7 lbs. the ExoFit NEX is the heaviest harness on the market, but it's still a popular choice for many climbers. With a price tag over $600, it's also the most expensive harness on our list.

Another popular model is the Petzl AVAO BOD Full-Body Harness. At 4.7 lbs. it's one of the lightest harnesses you can buy, yet it still has a comfortable fit and quick-connect options. The X-design uses less material, resulting in the lighter weight. It is also has fewer chaffing points on the front of the harness. Special materials keep the heat away from the climber making it ideal for long periods spent aloft. Coming in with a current price of around $400 (depending on leg strap choice) the Petzl AVAO BOD is an excellent option for those looking to keep total weight aloft down.

The Skylotec Tower Pro Harness with Seat Sling features a wide mesh back vest which keeps the unit organized. A smart dorsal D-ring design keeps the loop pointed up for easy access. While this harness is also fairly heavy, at 9.9 lbs., it's also well designed and comfortable for long days at height. The removable seat sling is reinforced with aluminum to keep it in place and it's comfortable as could be. Wide, well-place straps provide a sense of stability, while still allowing a full range of movement for the worker. It's a great harness if you're looking for comfort in the $400 range and want the seat sling for extended work in place.

Finally the good ol' Delta Tower Climbing Harness. While it's admittedly low on innovative design and comfort, it's still the work horse of the industry. The seat sling is not removable and it's not a great all day harness, but it is safe and easily adjustable and that's something. Currently priced just under $300, this Delta harness for tower climbers will fit into most budgets.

If you have questions about the best harness for your specific tower climbing application, please contact one of our Customer Service folks at 800-829-9580.

Feb 2nd 2015 Justin McCarter

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