Skylotec Offers Technologically Advanced Rope Access Equipment

Skylotec Offers Technologically Advanced Rope Access Equipment

Skylotec is a company whose products you will soon see on the pages of PK Safety. Becoming known world-wide, Skylotec produces work and sport climbing equipment of the very highest quality. Their climbing gear is well-known among serious climbers and at height workers in Europe. Their harnesses, ropes, carabiners, descenders, and anchoring devices are innovative and compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards as well as being both comfortable and reliable.

We believe these products will become favorites with anyone who works at height for a living. They are exceptionally well-made, and because they also make equipment for sports enthusiasts, the gear also looks great. Not that you are necessarily going to care about that at 7 am on a frosty Monday morning.

Founded in 1948, Skylotec (first called Eduard Kaufmann) originally produced safety harnesses and rescue baskets for rescue operations in mines. Over the years, the company has expanded to worldwide markets. But they've always kept their focus on high performance and technically sophisticated devices.

Skylotec products are thoroughly tested and thoughtfully engineered. The first priority for Skylotec harnesses is function. Harnesses such as the Tower Pro Harness G-1080 wrap the climber in protection without getting in the way. Smart padding and a seemingly simple design combine to create a full-body professional Tower Pro Harness that is among the most comfortable on the market.

Skylotec isn't a company that wants to make the same products as all other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers. This philosophy is clear in the design of the lanyards, carabiners, and other devices. They have a distinctive look, use innovative materials, and always feel solid and reliable in your hand.

A great example is the Shockyard Flex V lanyard (L-0437-1,8). This twin-leg lanyard has two steel rebar hooks with large 2-1/4 in. gate openings. Their offset attachment point makes getting a handle on the gate opening mechanism easier, and lanyard itself is relatively thin compared to many shock-absorbing lanyards. It also has a smooth black sheath which tends to snag less and slide over rough patches easier. All while being incredibly tough and reliable.

We think these are products that construction pros, tower climbers, cell techs, wind energy techs, and sign pros are going to become very attached to (Get it? Fall protection? Attached? OK, I'll stop).

Oct 22nd 2012 Justin McCarter

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