What is the Best Harness for Tower Climbing?

What is the Best Harness for Tower Climbing?

By Mark Conover, Sales Manager, SKYLOTEC

SKYLOTEC presents the TOWER PRO AL as an innovative design in tower climbing harnesses with outstanding features that provide the climber fit, form, and function through technology. The FORMOTION comfort climbing design allows for optimal freedom of movement. Lightweight, breathable padding, aluminum alloy D-rings and click buckles make this harness the lightest in its class.

Skylotec HarnessSkylotec Harness Back The TOWER PRO AL, feature-rich harness, also includes a padded seat board, removable tool belt with tool loops, lanyard parks, fall indicator, and belt load support. It is durable yet comfortable, strong but light weight. If innovation is what you are looking for then the SKYLOTEC TOWER PRO AL is the climbing harness for you. The TOWER PRO is available in aluminum alloy D-rings for lightweight performance or steel D-rings.

If you have questions about the best harness for your specific tower climbing applications, contact one of PK Safety Customer Service folks at 800-829-9580, or visit

Jun 24th 2016 Mila Adamovica

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