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5-Star Customer-Rated Petzl Harnesses
Jun 30th 2017

5-Star Customer-Rated Petzl Harnesses

When working in tough environments, it is essential to be able to count on the performance and quality of your gear. Nothing is worse than a false sense of safety in a life-threatening situation. Petzl® has developed harnesses that meet OSHA safety requirements for work-at-heights (fall arrest, work positioning, suspension, confined space entry, and rescue), and extreme sports (caving, mountain … read more
4 Great Reasons to Get Your Petzl Gear at PK Safety
Apr 4th 2017

4 Great Reasons to Get Your Petzl Gear at PK Safety

Reason #1: Petzl gear is a highly respected brand in the climbing industry for quality and reliability. It will keep you alive, and it’s 20% off at PK Safety. Petzl equipment has been thoroughly tested, re-tested, and meets the relevant certifications as well as the approval of rope access experts around the world. Those are two things in our first reason, but how can you afford to buy anyth … read more
Product Experts' Picks: Top 3 Harnesses
Mar 2nd 2017

Product Experts' Picks: Top 3 Harnesses

Every month our Product Experts offer top product picks for a given category. This month we define our favorites for harnesses because they are some of our most popular fall protection products that are crucial for workplace safety. Top 3 Harnesses: 1. DBI-SALA ExoFit Harness – The daddy of harnesses. Comfortable, light, a shining example of how well American-made products can be. … read more
The New FreeTech Harness: Innovative Fall Protection from CMC Rescue
Jan 27th 2017

The New FreeTech Harness: Innovative Fall Protection from CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue is known for excellent fall protection, rescue equipment, and training. The new FreeTech™ fall protection harness is designed for extended wear and for various work and rescue applications. The harness uses a patent-pending SwitchPoint™ System, which provides a significantly more comfortable position to a fallen, suspended worker. What Makes This Harness Spec … read more
Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE
Jan 23rd 2017

Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE

Today we invite you to take a closer look at what makes 3M DBI-SALA® Fall Protection products a great choice for all your fall safety needs. Fall safety includes any situation where you or your workers are in danger of death or injury in the event of losing your balance or grip while on the job. This includes climbing a ladder, pole or conducting a roof inspection, to doing suspended platform w … read more
Miller Fall Protection: Providing Safety at Great Heights
Nov 3rd 2016

Miller Fall Protection: Providing Safety at Great Heights

Workplace safety is critical for your business success. The number one cause of major workplace injuries and fatalities are falls from heights while working on ladders and roofs. Most falls can be prevented and lives can be saved with proper planning, personal protective equipment (PPE), and training that allows workers to understand the correct set-up and use of the protective equipment. Take … read more
Delta's Comfortable New Positioning Harnesses
Jul 7th 2016

Delta's Comfortable New Positioning Harnesses

Harnesses are part of the program to provide fall safety while working at height. That's their number one job. But comfort has to be up there in the list of requirements especially for folks who wear their harnesses for long periods of time each day. Delta harnesses have come quite a long way since the days when at-height workers were tying a rope around their waist. Delta's new Ves … read more
What is the Best Harness for Tower Climbing?
Jun 24th 2016

What is the Best Harness for Tower Climbing?

By Mark Conover, Sales Manager, SKYLOTEC SKYLOTEC presents the TOWER PRO AL as an innovative design in tower climbing harnesses with outstanding features that provide the climber fit, form, and function through technology. The FORMOTION comfort climbing design allows for optimal freedom of movement. Lightweight, breathable padding, aluminum alloy D-rings and click buckles make this harnes … read more
Dec 4th 2015

Confined Space Entry Equipment For Pros and Beginners

While this confined space entry video is strictly about a rank beginner, the gear the confined space training facility at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) uses is exactly the type of equipment we offer at The spot features an attractive local news anchor facing her fear of confined spaces. Spoiler alert - she doesn't freak out even a tiny bit. The TEEK c … read more
Sep 3rd 2015

Latchways Personal Rescue Device is a Self-Rescuing Harness

In the event of a fall, traditional harnesses, lanyards and self-retracting lifeline (SRL) combinations can save a worker from serious injuries. However, they may leave workers just out of reach from work platforms. Rescue operations to retrieve fallen worker(s) are dangerous and the training for such scenarios aren't the easiest to pick up right off the bat. On top of all that, suspe … read more
Aug 26th 2015

Tower Climbing with Petzl

PETZL Professional safety gear is constantly in high demand. As a result, their equipment rarely goes on sale. For a limited time, save 25% on Petzl products from August 26th through September 8th only at PK Safety. Sale prices are reflected on and don't require a discount code. All around the world, energy and network towers exist need servicing by tower climbers. Som … read more
Jul 24th 2015

What are the Best Work Harnesses for Women?

There are more women performing work that requires personal protective equipment (PPE) than ever before. A 1999 OSHA report stated that poorly fitting safety gear did not function properly nor provide the intended protection. While the situation has improved in the past 13 years, there still are relatively few full-body work harnesses that fit most women well. There are some opt … read more