Delta's Comfortable New Positioning Harnesses

Delta's Comfortable New Positioning Harnesses

Harnesses are part of the program to provide fall safety while working at height. That's their number one job. But comfort has to be up there in the list of requirements especially for folks who wear their harnesses for long periods of time each day. Delta harnesses have come quite a long way since the days when at-height workers were tying a rope around their waist.

Delta's new Vest-Style Comfort Positioning Harness 110084 is the latest advancement to combine incredible comfort with modern fall protection. Delta achieves this balance by using modern materials, common sense, and knowledge acquired from feedback of thousands of climbers.

The Delta Comfort harnesses feature built-in shoulder, back and leg comfort padding, as well as integrated vent windows that allow for better air flow and circulation to cool down the user. The polyester webbing material of the straps is stiff enough to give some shape to the harness when you're putting it on, but not to the extent that it becomes uncomfortable.

Of course, these new harnesses still feature the long list of advancements that define the Delta harness line, such as a fixed back D-ring, the 420 lb. total weight capacity, a rigid body belt and a hip pad with side D-rings, the tongue buckle leg straps, a durable, lightweight polyester webbing, the built-in lanyard keepers with a break-away feature, the Revolver-style vertical torso adjusters, an impact indicator, and protected labels (though I don't know any climber who sees that a harness has the protected labels and shouts Hurrah! Still, somebody must like that feature.)

And just so you know, the Delta Comfort Harness 110084 meets all the applicable safety standards including OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI Z359.3, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Requirements.

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Jul 7th 2016 Justin McCarter

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