Latchways Personal Rescue Device is a Self-Rescuing Harness

Latchways Personal Rescue Device is a Self-Rescuing Harness

In the event of a fall, traditional harnesses, lanyards and self-retracting lifeline (SRL) combinations can save a worker from serious injuries. However, they may leave workers just out of reach from work platforms. Rescue operations to retrieve fallen worker(s) are dangerous and the training for such scenarios aren't the easiest to pick up right off the bat. On top of all that, suspension trauma is an ever present danger for workers left hanging for extended periods of time. The lack of proper blood flow to the body's extremities can cause serious injury, even death due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

The Latchways R20 PRD provides an all-in-one harness and self-rescuing system that's fully OSHA-complaint. Fallen workers (once they have surveyed the area directly below them and found it safe), can pull a parachute-type rip cord to activate a controlled descent system. An internal breaking mechanism kicks in to slowly unwind 65 ft. of high-strength cord to gently lower a fallen worker to the ground.

Weight and fit are big considerations for something workers likely wear for extended periods of time. You'd think this weighs a ton, yet that's not the case at all. The Latchways personal rescue device weighs a surprising 8 pounds, making it light enough for regular use. With a contoured profile that's perfect for small work spaces, the Latchways PRD provides not only a comfortable fall safety plan, but also ease of mind. It's a big confidence booster to know even when working alone, swift self-rescue can be implemented in far more situations than ever before.

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