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Dec 10th 2014

Working in the Storm - Clothing and Equipment to Stay Safe

Every storm leaves work to be done. Sometimes that work needs to take place at night. It's typically important, dangerous, and soggy. At PK Safety we've got everything you need if you're out in the storm this season. You may have noticed we're big on Protective Industrial Products or PIP as they are called. Their rain equipment is both well-priced and functional. We especiall … read more
Dec 5th 2014

How to Measure Confined Space Gases

Gas measurement is without a doubt the most important part of confined space safety. Do it right, and you and your crew go home at the end of the day—do it wrong, and you might never go home again! So if you're a newbie (or even a little rusty), you've got to do your homework. Here's the first lesson: get the right tools! If you already have a gas monitor, take it out and look at it. Wit … read more
Nov 21st 2014

A Hydrogen Sulfide Horror Story

Confined spaces can be very spooky places. With inhabitants like molds, creepy crawlies and deadly gases, it's easy to see why: they're among the harshest places on the planet. A rural Maine community experienced this firsthand when Winfield Studley and Richard Kemp, two workers with Stevens Electric and Pump Services, suddenly went missing on the job. The two had spent the morni … read more
Nov 14th 2014

Confined Space Signs – An Overview

What are confined space signs? Confined space signs simply warn people that an area is considered a confined space. A Confined spaces is large enough for a person to enter, but have restricted means of exit. This might be a tank, a tunnel, a sewer or some other industrial space. There is usually only one restrictive (smaller than a doorway) way in or out, and it is not designed for con … read more
Nov 12th 2014

LED Road Flares Create Instant Warning System

With winter bearing down on us and days growing shorter, it's more likely than ever that if you have a problem on the road, it's going to be at night, early morning, or dusk. Whether you work for the utilities, have work trucks that sometimes need to stick out onto the pavement, or you just spend a fair amount of time in your car, there's one smart piece of equipment no vehicle should be withou … read more
Cold Weather is Coming! Be Prepared!
Oct 27th 2014

Cold Weather is Coming! Be Prepared!

Whatever your take on Global Warming, we're pretty sure the rain is still going to fall. Snow even. Let's face it, the end of the world might take a while. If you've been hoping global events would make buying new rain and cold weather gear for your workers unnecessary, you might want to reconsider. Fast. If you're already experiencing wet weather, you probably don't live in California … read more
Oct 24th 2014

Confined Space Permits

What is a confined space permit? A confined space permit is a piece of paper that documents and acknowledges work and safety procedures when entering permit-required confined spaces. Our definition of Confined spaces are large enough for a person to enter, but have restricted means of exit. This might be a tank, a tunnel, a sewer or some other industrial space. There is usually only one restric … read more
Oct 23rd 2014

Retractable Ladders Perfect for Work and Home

Before Telesteps Telescopic Ladders came along if you wanted to put a 14 ft. ladder in the trunk of your car, you'd have to own a bus or a clown car.  Telesteps have revolutionized the ladder industry and one quick look at their video will make you want to throw your old clunky Werner ladder to the curb. Telesteps telescopic ladders are made of heat-treated T6000 aluminum a … read more
Oct 17th 2014

Attaching a Self-Retracting Lifeline to a Lanyard

Can I Attach a Self-Retracting Lifeline to a Lanyard? No! This question lands on our virtual doorstep more frequently than we’d like. It's easy to understand why people ask: you have a Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) and it almost reaches the user or you just need a little more room to stretch to the side, so you want to use a connector – and what do you have plenty of? Lanyards! It … read more
Sep 14th 2014

Silent and Deadly, Proper Gas Detection Saves Lives

I’m fascinated about the basics of atmospheric monitoring, how to change the air in a confined space by supplying ventilation, and effective uses of ducting. Aren’t you? Relying solely on your nose (no matter how magnificent it may be) is not the right method to detect airborne hazards. Many gases dull the senses over time, and only a proper gas detection unit with a test probe can properly ass … read more
Sep 4th 2014

September 5th is National N95 Respirator Day! (get it? N95…9/5…)

Hooray hooray it’s respirator day! There are so many to thank, air borne pathogens, asbestos and lead, don’t forget those sneaky little unseen particulates, and especially the CDC for all their hard work in making this happen. Without them, well, the N95 face mask would be just another underutilized tool in the fight to keep people safe and healthy. I’m sure that if Superman ever needed a ma … read more
Sep 1st 2014

Faster Shipping Now Available From PK Safey Supply

Those of you who order regularly from PK Safety Supply may have noticed some of your items are showing up even faster than before. No, we're not making UPS drivers break the speed limit or delivering your packages via drone. We've simply expanded our warehousing to include an East Coast location so our most popular items can be delivered anywhere in the US within 48 hours. While … read more