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How to Safely Prepare Your Holiday Meal

Posted by PK Safety Team on Nov 17th 2016

Holidays are wonderful when we share a meal with our friends and family. It can be a quiet peaceful time, filled with joy, but according to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving is also the number one day for fire danger. Most of these fires are a result of the use of candles and also home-cooking gone wrong, destroying hundreds of homes every year. Luckily, this kind of disaster is easily preventable.

Here are some basic safety tips:

  • Check smoke alarms, and install the new ones if needed.
  • Remove fire hazards: no unattended candles, no kitchen towels, and mittens near the stove.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and if frying a turkey outside, bring one out there!
  • Avoid toxic gas build-up to prevent poisoning. If you are using a natural gas or propane stove, be careful of a carbon monoxide (CO) build-up inside your home.

Shopping for a turkey: Raw turkeys are tricky to cook, but if you follow the rules, it should turn out fine. First and foremost, when shopping for a turkey, put the bird in your shopping cart as far from other products as possible.

When transporting it to your kitchen, use a separate bag for the turkey to avoid cross-contamination. Keep it in the fridge in the lower levels, far from other food items. De-frosting rule of thumb: 24 hrs per 5 pounds of frozen meat.

The most important tip: Take extra precaution with turkey deep fryers.

Turkey Deep Fryer

Deep Frying Safety Tips:

Turkey and oil is a dangerous combination: use extra care when cooking it in a deep fryer.

Tip #1: Avoid oil spillover, don’t overfill the potTip #2: Turn off flame completely when lowering the turkey into oilTip #3: Fry outside, away from houses, cars, and other flammable objectsTip #4: Properly thaw the turkey in the fridge before fryingTip #5: Keep a fire extinguisher nearbyTip #6: Cook the turkey thoroughly to a minimum internal temperature of 165 °F as measured by a food thermometer

After the Thanksgiving Dinner: Put turkey leftovers and other prepared food back to the fridge within 2 hours.

Hopefully, these easy-to-follow rules will help you keep your family safe and will allow you to remember the Thanksgiving dinner not as a disaster, but as a warm family get-together, where everyone feels loved and secure.

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