PK Safety Holiday Gift Guide

PK Safety Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday season should be filled with joy and happiness, but not the anxiety that comes along with trying to find the perfect gift. Can't figure out what to give to that handy person? Take a look at the list of the latest and greatest safety products. These are some of our top picks for gifts to give to your friends and family, or to your employees.

1. MCR Safety Forceflex Anti-Impact Gloves

MCR Gloves

Why is it a great gift?

These gloves have Zoomband technology, which allows you to avoid injuries, maintain a steady hand, and manage the most jarring jobs in the automotive assembly, carpentry, impact tool handling, etc. Battle-tested in professional sports, Zoombang technology was adapted for industrial workplaces. The advantage of this innovative protective polymer is that it stays soft and supple, yet stiffens upon impact force, vibration or g-force side loads.

2. ALVEO VENT Helmet

Petzl Helmet

Why is it a great gift?

Designed for confined space workers and those working at height, including technical rescue, as well as tower climbers and wind energy technicians, this lightweight helmet is also popular among workers who carry heavy loads or perform work that makes regular helmets too hot to wear. The CenterFit adjustment system allows you to get the helmet perfectly centered and balanced on your head for maximum comfort. It is compatible with the Petzl PIXA Headlamp and other headlamps with elastic bands for work at night. The scratch- and fog-resistant VIZIR Face Shield can be easily attached to this helmet for enhanced eye protection.

3. MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

MSA Hard Hat

Why is it a great gift?

MSA Skullgard Hard Hat with full brim and Fas-Trac suspension is a hit among folks who prefer a vintage look. Made-in-the-USA Skullgard helmets can withstand radiant heat loads producing temperatures up to 350F. The full brim provides additional protection against the sun, glare, rain and falling debris.

4. Tradesman Pro Organizer Lighted Tool Bag

Klein Tools Bag

Why is it a great gift?

This Tool Bag features 31 pockets for maximum storage, an orange interior for increased visibility, and a removable built-in LED light to see all the tools in your bag. It is ideal for moving tools from a truck to a work site. The shoulder strap and handles have extra padding which provides additional relief for your shoulders and hands.

We believe gifts should be just as exciting to give as they are to receive. Our guide highlighting the best safety gifts is perfect for any holiday. Want even more gift ideas? Browse our website to find great gifts.

Dec 16th 2016 Mila Adamovica

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