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First Aid Kit Requirements and Workplace First Aid Kit Checklist
Sep 1st 2021

First Aid Kit Requirements and Workplace First Aid Kit Checklist

First aid kits are a must-have item for just about every workplace, regardless of industry or threats. Despite PPE and an abundance of caution, accidents can still happen that lead to injuries and illnesses. A first aid kit, at least one person that knows how to administer first aid, and workplace requirements can help avoid major mishaps. Start with the OSHA or equivalent standards and work fr … read more
What is the Significance of ATEX Markings for Headlamps?
Oct 12th 2020

What is the Significance of ATEX Markings for Headlamps?

The best headlamps for use in hazardous work environments come with what is known as ATEX Markings. The ATEX acronym refers to EU equipment standards intended for use in explosive atmospheres. These markings are based on several factors, including the work environment and its perceived threat level. Different kinds of headlamps are designed for different applications, such as working above vs. … read more
How to Choose a Welding Helmet
Sep 29th 2020

How to Choose a Welding Helmet

Many factors come into play when choosing a welding helmet. The phrase “one size fits all” rarely applies in these situations, so it’s best to learn about the different types of helmets and welding goggles used in the industry. From occasional hobbyists to experienced professionals, use this guide to find the right welding safety equipment for the task at hand. Single Fixed vs. Var … read more
 What are the Best Resources for Small Businesses Responding to Coronavirus?
Mar 27th 2020

What are the Best Resources for Small Businesses Responding to Coronavirus?

The 2019 outbreak of Coronavirus has changed the way we live our daily lives. These changes definitely affect businesses—everything from travel to in-person interactions has changed to prevent further virus transmission. It’s important for businesses of all sizes to know how to respond to the virus as soon as possible: here are some of the best and most up-to-date online resources for small busine … read more
Prevent Lung Cancer with the Proper Safety Equipment
Nov 27th 2017

Prevent Lung Cancer with the Proper Safety Equipment

By Emily Walsh, Community Outreach Director, Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and we want to remind you about the hidden dangers of asbestos. It is estimated that of the homes built before 1980, about 80% currently contain asbestos. It can be found in exterior materials such as roofing and siding, but can also be found inside the home in certain types … read more
Nov 26th 2015

Black Friday Savings on Safety Equipment

The great thing about the PK Safety Black Friday specials is you don't have to stand in line in the dark. Or miss your family meal. There will be no danger of being trampled. What you do have is the opportunity for great savings from the comfort of your keyboard. The 3M Mold Remediation Respirator Kit is an excellent example. While this full-face respirator with P100 HEPA air … read more
Feb 2nd 2015

Which Are The Best Tower Climbing Harnesses?

Your  harness is a pillar of your fall protection equipment. Picking the right one depends on the type of work you do, how often you do it, and what your budget can afford. Here are our picks for the best harnesses for tower climbers looking at cost, comfort, adjustment, and weight. The king of the tower climbing harnesses is still the DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX for Tower Climbi … read more
Jul 29th 2013

Less is More with the Miller AirCore Harness

Working at height can be challenging enough without having safety equipment that binds and weighs you down. Many of our customers climb regularly, and the feedback we are getting about the Miller AirCore Full-Body Harnesses is positive across the board. There are a range of requirements for harnesses meeting OSHA and ANSI fall safety standards. With the AirCore, Miller has manag … read more
Mar 11th 2013

Know When to Take Your Harness or Other PPE Out of Service

Harnesses are made to protect you in the event of a fall. But they're not made to protect from multiple falls over time. That won't stop workers from suiting up for work today wearing their "lucky harness" that saved them last June.The problem is, that lucky harness isn't going to be so kind the next time something happens. According to Miller (now under the umbrella of safety giant Honeywell), … read more
Dec 10th 2012

Safety Gear Must Be Worn Correctly For It To Be Safe

Once you are in the safety business, you start to notice things other folks wouldn't. Our offices are located in a fairly industrial part of town near a boat repair facility. Along with the workers who are using personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly, I constantly see people misusing their safety equipment. For instance, there's a guy who uses a Genie lift near us all the ti … read more
Dec 5th 2012

Buying Gas Monitors in Bulk - What you Need to Know

If you are tasked with buying your company's gas monitors, and you need a whole lot of them, give us a call. Because we are one of the largest distributors of gas monitors in America, we can provide a great price for your bulk buy. Selling gas detectors is a big part of what we do here at PK Safety Supply. We have factory-trained experts on staff and 40 years of experience in selling a … read more