What Makes AimSafety Portable Gas Monitors A Great Option For Gas Detection?

What Makes AimSafety Portable Gas Monitors A Great Option For Gas Detection?

At PK Safety, we get a lot of questions about  AimSafety, a lesser-known gas detection equipment manufacturer. Despite making some of the finest portable monitors on the market today, AimSafety detection gear struggles with name recognition when compared to some of the leading competitors. Learn more about AimSafety gas monitors and how they compare to some better-known options on the market.

Why We Trust AimSafety

Just because AimSafety hasn’t been around as long as brands like RKI Instruments and BW Honeywell doesn’t mean their products are any less functional. The market for portable gas detection equipment is always changing for the better and new companies are looking to make their mark.

Why Are They Such A Good Value?

AimSafety assembles everything right here in the U.S. – North Dakota to be exact, so it doesn’t have to spend money shipping parts and equipment overseas. The company’s gas monitors are used across the U.S. and in over 50 countries.

While we have in-house technical staff to service and maintain our customers monitors, it is reassuring to also have the AimSafety tech support close by. That commitment to the U.S. safety market speaks volumes.

The Latest AimSafety Gas Monitors

You’ll find a number of high-quality AimSafety portable gas monitors on our website.

The AimSafety CO Single Gas Monitor is a great choice for first responders, EMT, EMS, Police, Fire and ambulance services dealing with potential cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide is odorless and invisible to the eye, earning the nickname 'the silent killer'. Its symptoms can be subtle, often dismissed as a simple headache or the flu. 

Because this disposable portable gas monitor is maintenance-free and features digital display of the real-time gas concentration, it's quite useful in detecting even low level CO poisoning risks. It comes with three different alarms, including audible, visual, and vibrating alerts, so you never have to worry about missing an important notification. 

The AimSafety Catalytic Bead LEL Sensor Multi-Gas Monitor is one of the finest 4-gas monitors on the market today. It’s easy to use, while also having the sophisticated features we expect in today's instruments. It monitors your work environment for oxygen, H2S, CO and combustibles (LEL) continuously, so you never have to worry about the air quality changing without your knowledge. It will detect and report any changes to your environment immediately, so you can prevent possible exposure as quickly as possible. It also comes with an easy-to-read LCD display, so you can find the information you need without delay.

The AimSafety Multi-Gas Monitor Calibration/Bump Test Station is just what you need to complete your kit. It automatically bump tests and recalibrates up to four monitors while they’re not in use. At the end of your shift, just plug your monitors back into the bump testing station and they’ll be charged and ready to go when you and your team come back in the morning. You won’t have to worry about your monitors failing to detect hazardous substances when you go out into the field. This kit reduces testing and calibration time, so your team can get to work as quickly as possible. It also comes with a rugged case for protecting your equipment on the go.

AimSafety may not have the same reach and reputation as big-name portable gas monitor manufacturers, but that’s largely due to the company’s smaller size by comparison. AimSafety’s primary focus is manufacturing single and multi-gas portable monitors. These monitors feature the latest in gas detection technology, so you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself or your workers to hazardous gases.

Consider AimSafety the next time you need to stock up on portable gas monitors. We are happy to consult with you on choosing the right product and  safety equipment for your application.


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