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What Makes AimSafety Portable Gas Monitors A Great Option For Gas Detection?
Apr 23rd 2020

What Makes AimSafety Portable Gas Monitors A Great Option For Gas Detection?

At PK Safety, we get a lot of questions about  AimSafety, a lesser-known gas detection equipment manufacturer. Despite making some of the finest portable monitors on the market today, AimSafety detection gear struggles with name recognition when compared to some of the leading competitors. Learn more about AimSafety gas monitors and how they compare to some better-known options on the ma … read more
May 19th 2014

Which Gas Cylinder Regulator Do I Need For My Gas Monitor?

All gas monitors need to be bump tested, even if they don't require calibration. (Yes, that goes for you guys with single gas disposable monitors too.) To test your monitor you're going to need both calibration gas and a regulator. Your calibration gas mixture will be determined by the type of sensors in your gas monitor. Your regulator will have to fit your bottle of gas. Problem is there a … read more
Oct 24th 2013

How-to: BW Honeywell Gas Detector Calibration

Calibration is very important for a gas monitor. It reestablishes a base line accuracy for the sensors, both electro-chemical and LEL catalytic bead. In order to perform as they were designed, gas monitors need to periodically be readjusted in the same way a guitar string needs tuning. Calibration of your gas monitors isn't difficult or time consuming (unless you have several hundred monitors, … read more
Jan 18th 2012

OSHA Gas Meter Calibration Requirements - How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Gas Detector?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would like your gas detectors calibrated before each use. A full calibration for a 4-gas monitor requires about $6.60 worth of calibration gas, and takes about 5 minutes. This should be all the answer anyone needs, but in practice if your company has 500 monitors, it isn’t always practical and OSHA and ANSI know it. In text attemptin … read more