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Don’t Die in a Sewer
Sep 8th 2017

Don’t Die in a Sewer

By Luke Laggis, Editor, Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine Educate yourself and your crews, and take every necessary step to make sure no one becomes a victim. Wastewater work is important. We champion the work you do in every issue of MSW. But no sewer line problem is worth dying over. Accidents happen all the time. All too often they’re the result of shortcuts, of failing to tak … read more
Product Experts' Picks: Top 3 Single-Gas Monitors
Feb 7th 2017

Product Experts' Picks: Top 3 Single-Gas Monitors

Every month our Product Experts offer top product picks for a given category. This month we provide our favorites for single-gas monitors because they are some of our most popular gas detection products that play a pivotal role in ensuring workplace safety.  Top 3 Single-Gas Monitors: BW Clip Detector– You turn it on, it runs for 2 years, you throw it away. If every gas … read more
Dec 18th 2014

The Best Single Gas H2S Monitors

If your company is searching for personal hydrogen sulfide (H2S) single gas monitors, here's a quick run-down of the best disposable monitors on the market. We find there are two basic groups of people buying portable single gas monitors, those who want the best price and those who want the best monitor for a discount. The reigning champion of these devices in the inexpensive group … read more
May 27th 2014

Draeger Pac 3500 and Pac 7000 Monitors Really Are Different

Draeger has created some of the most widely used and accurate industrial gas detection devices in history. But many of the single-gas units look exactly alike. What are the differences and why are they trying to confuse us? We've all heard it's what's on the inside that counts. That is especially true for the Draeger Pac 3500 and Pac 7000 single gas monitors. The housings are … read more
Apr 28th 2014

How Often Should My H2S Monitor Be Bump Tested?

A customer from the Chinese division of a large petroleum company emailed us this week to ask how often their BW Clip H2S Monitors should be bump tested. Since we sell more of these monitors than any other at PK Safety Supply, it would seem logical that we'd have a ready answer. But we don't. It's not because we don't care, or we don't think it's important. It is. Here's the sit … read more
Apr 14th 2014

When is the Expiration Date for my Disposable BW Gas Monitor?

This is a great question about the BW Clip Extreme H2S monitor, and I'm surprised we haven't had it before. A customer from our website asks "How long of a shelf life does the monitor have?" The answer is each monitor has a unique turn-on date that is set one year after the manufacturing date. The warranty is tied to this manufacture date as well. BW provides a warranty for one … read more
Sep 9th 2013

Getting the Right H2S Monitor for Your Site

BW Honeywell makes the most popular single-gas hydrogen sulfide monitor on the planet by a wide margin. The BW Clip H2S Monitor is an inexpensive, durable, reliable personal gas detector, and it's used on oil rigs and petrochemical plants across the country. But some sites require more than just low- and high-level alarms. That's where a monitor like the GasAlert Extreme and the GasAlert Cli … read more
May 28th 2013

A Single-Gas Monitor Without a Two-Year Lifespan

Not everybody wants a two-year disposable single-gas monitor for hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide detection. Many of today's single gas monitors come with a fixed life span. This type of monitor is helpful for certain gas monitoring programs. There are job sites where a monitor is dropped down a crack or lost under the seat of the truck every day, and an inexpensive monitor is the best choic … read more